White Paper | IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Mar 13, 2012

Research and Markets Releases "Smart Lighting 2012" Report

The Research and Markets report provides an analysis of the worldwide smart lighting market and builds on NanoMarkets’ extensive six-year experience of analyzing the solid-state lighting industry. The report shows how new value is being created in the lighting market by adding enhanced electronics and intelligent luminaires and how such product strategies will be able to build on the massive trend towards introducing CFLs, LEDs, OLEDs and other forms of energy efficient lighting.

But while energy efficiency is the major current driver for smart lighting, this report also discusses how NanoMarkets foresees the smart lighting market transcending energy efficiency and generating new revenues from improved aesthetics, and more comfortable and healthy lighting. The report focuses, in particular, on how also these opportunities will emerge within the OLED and LED lighting paradigms. But it also identifies the opportunities that smart lighting will create as it adopts more effective networking strategies and becomes part of a future “Internet of things” and Smart Grid.

Also included in this new report is an analysis of the smart lighting strategies of the firms that NanoMarkets expects to see as major players in the smart lighting space. This includes the major lighting and building automation firms, as well as the slew of new lighting control start-ups that have emerged in the past few years.

In adddition, this report provides an insider’s view on rapidly developing opportunities throughout the entire smart lighting supply chain including developments in the luminaire sector all the way down to the components level. For example, the report includes detailed coverage of where chip makers and sensor manufacturers will be able to derive the most benefit from the smart lighting “revolution.”

Also included in the report is a discussion of the likely evolution of smart lighting standards and their importance to smart lighting market development. In addition, there is an eight-year market forecast with breakouts by type of product and end user market segment.

A more detailed description of the report's coverage and subjects is described in Research and Markets' "Smart Lighting 2012 - Sample"