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Smartcells - Enabling Fast and Accurate Electronics Thermal Design

This white paper introduces the concept of SmartCells™ in the context of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation software. They exist in FloTHERM XT™, a CAD enabled electronics cooling simulation tool supplied by Mentor Graphics (Ref 1). This document will explain what they are, how they differ from other meshing approaches employed in the CFD industry, and their benefits to CFD users and electronics thermal designers.


  • Attain high levels of simulation accuracy for mesh counts, typically 10 times less than traditional CFD meshes, by using Cartesian based meshes.

  • Increase productivity by employing numerical approaches and engineering models embedded within FloTHERM XT which reduces, generally by an order of magnitude, the manual time spent by traditional CFD tool users in meshing their geometries.

  • Allow for automated mesh generation because of their built-in artificial intelligence, based on decades of industrial CFD simulation experience using engineering model data.

  • Provide turbulent boundary layer simulation accuracy in all fluid flow processes while handling complex geometries which may have many fluid-solid control volume zones in one mesh SmartCell.

  • Lead to thermal design workflow gains of typically x2 to x10 fold through the associated built-in preprocessing and user experience benefits inside FloTHERM XT.