White Paper | Technology | Oct 08, 2013

Why Pin Fin LED Coolers Perform Better Under Tilted Position?

For the experiment we compare the ModuLED 9980 with the LPF11180-ZHE. The ModuLED 9980 is a passive LED cooler from extruded aluminium with a diameter. of 99mm and a height of 80 millimeter, thermal resistance under vertical position 1.02°C/W. The LPF11180-ZHE is a passive LED cooler with pin fin structure with a diameter of 111mm and a height of 80mm, thermal resistance under vertical position 1.07°C/W.

Both LED coolers have a similar cooling performance under classic vertical position. In this experiment we mount the same LED module from Tridonic, the Talexx Stark spot light module STARK-SLE-G3-19-3000-830-CLA on both LED coolers with thermal grease as interface. This Zhaga book 3 LED engine generates 30 watt of power. In CFD thermal simulation we change the gravity orientation to get a first impression of the expected results. The gravity simulated angles are 0°, 50° and 90°.