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LumiCam Imaging Colorimeter with Motorized Objective Lenses

Instrument System`s mission is to look ahead the growing and changing demands of modern light measurement. The next generation of our industry leading precision colorimeter, the LumiCam 2400B, now comes with motorized objective lenses, a faster filter wheel movement and a more compact design. These and other features push the measurement experience with the new LumiCam models to the next level in regards to accuracy, ease of use and handling.

The LumiCam 2400B is a high-resolution 2D luminance and color measurement device for LED and OLED displays in automotive and other industries. Dependent on the variant, a sensor-adjusted filter is either permanently mounted between the lens and the sensor, or a filter wheel allows for a successive pivoting of multiple individual filters into the detection path. Each pixel of the camera sensor is assigned a calibrated luminance and color value to generate a 2D image of the photometric data. The data exchange between a LumiCam 2400B with its controlling PC works via network cable, whereas both of our two powerful software platforms, the LumiCam software or the LumiSuite software, are able to acquire and analyse the gained photometric information.

The five-megapixel sensor integrated in the LumiCam 2400B permits a fine spatial 2D resolution of the measured photometric and colorimetric information and is therefore suitable for an investigation of whole instrument clusters or small image details.

The broad range of electromechanically controlled objective lenses that accessorize the LumiCam 2400B reaches from 24 mm, 50 mm to 100 mm and leads to an enhanced data reproducibility due to user-friendly and software controlled motorized focus and aperture setting. Quick and easy for more accuracy! The external optical equipment for the LumiCam 2400B includes calibrated neutral density filters such as OD2 or OD4, which are compatible with every objective lens. The filters are fixed in position via a magnet mechanism, which allows their fast and reproducible at- and detachment during a measurement series. The large variety of optical hardware accessories together with the computer controlled lens settings of the LumiCam 2400B generation addresses diverse measurement tasks in quality assurance of dashboards, panel displays, widescreen cockpits or instrument cluster in research, product development as well as production.

Within less than 10 seconds – including data saving time – your color measurement will be on point! For the LumiCam 2400B Color and Advanced we broke ground for an up to 30 % shorter measurement time in comparison to the models of the first LumiCam generation by using an innovative type of filter wheel and its newly optimized actuation.

In addition to the increased measurement speed, the torso of the LumiCam 2400B is now even more compact and has a ca. 20 % shorter housing for the Color and Advanced model. This new housing of the LumiCam 2400B, together with its removable handle and the decreased amount of connection cables, make the new generation hardware an ideal candidate for a straightforward integration into end-of-line testing systems, climate chambers, "squeak & rattle" test racks or robotic systems.

For additional information, please visit https://www.instrumentsystems.com/en/products/imaging-colorimeters/lumicam-2400b-series/ or contact Instrument Systems by email at sales@instrumentsystems.com and by phone at 
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