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Commentary | Interview | Oct 03, 2016

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

The Good the Bad and the Ugly We sit as lighting designers in our offices and look at beautiful pictures of beautiful lighting scenarios in beautiful glossy magazines. We are inspired by possibilities that new lighting technologies can offer us and allow ourselves to dream of the beautiful projects to come. Read more »

Tech-Talks Bregenz | Oct 03, 2016

Tech-Talks BREGENZ - Sebastian Huelck, Director Lighting, EBV Elektronik

Tech-Talks BREGENZ - Sebastian Huelck, Director Lighting, EBV Elektronik Solid State Lighting has not only changed the way that light is generated but also how areas or objects are illuminated. It has changed the whole industry and business. Sebastian Huelck, Director of Segment Lighting at EBV Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG, discussed these changes and the new requirements for modern distribution with Siegfried Luger and Dr. Guenther Sejkora. He explained the transition of distributors from pure logistic specialists to one-stop shops and full service providers, and commented on regional differences. He finished off by giving insights into the future projects of the company. Read more »

Commentary | Aug 12, 2016

Lifetime and Reliability by Günther Sejkora

Lifetime and Reliability by Günther Sejkora Although questions regarding lifetime and reliability of Solid-State-Lighting (SSL) products are essential for customers, knowledge about it is still fragmentary. It was easy to give answers to these questions in the times of conventional lamps (incandescent, fluorescent, high pressure): light output degraded over time and end of life was reached when light output fell below a certain level or when the lamp “burned out”. Read more »

Tech-Talks Bregenz | Aug 10, 2016

Tech-Talks BREGENZ - Francis Wong, AVP Lighting Business Unit, Lextar

Tech-Talks BREGENZ - Francis Wong, AVP Lighting Business Unit, Lextar Francis Wong, Associate Vice President Lighting Business Unit at Lextar, visited the LED professional team for a Tech Talk in Bregenz after Light & Building 2016. Siegfried Luger, Arno Grabher-Meyer and Dr. Guenther Sejkora could discuss Lextar's history, current position, future orientation and strategies. Further exciting topics were the ongoing technology developments, the requirements on modern lighting systems, the latest lighting trends from Light & Building and the relevance of OLED and IoT technology for the company. Read more »

Tech-Talks Bregenz | Jun 08, 2016

Tech-Talks BREGENZ - Dr. Biing-Jye Lee, Chairman of Epistar

Tech-Talks BREGENZ - Dr. Biing-Jye Lee, Chairman of Epistar Dr. Biing-Jye Lee, Chairman of Epistar, had a discussion with Siegfried Luger and Arno Grabher-Meyer from LED professional about the latest trends and the future of LED, Laser and Solid-State lighting technologies. He also gave them his view on how the markets and technologies will evolve. In addition, Dr. Lee shared some of the highlights from this year’s Light + Building as well as his view of current issues such as smart lighting, connectivity and new applications. Read more »

Commentary | May 19, 2016

LFI 2016 Touts LED Lighting and Digital Control Technology Transformation by Dr. Nisa Khan

LFI 2016 Touts LED Lighting and Digital Control Technology Transformation by Dr. Nisa Khan The 27th Annual LightFair International (LFI) conference was dominated by LED lighting coupled with internet-based control via wireless networks that continues to proliferate in today’s world. The world is increasingly becoming drenched with Internet of Things (IoT) discussions, demonstrations and for some, a certain level of implementation. Electric lighting transformed our society for over 100 years, boosting our mood and association with the environment, culture, productivity, and economic conditions. Such enormity pales in comparison to an unprecedented revolution that LFI describes as “Light and Technology in a New Language!” Read more »

Commentary | Apr 19, 2016

Zhaga Meets Smart Lighting by Dee Denteneer

Zhaga Meets Smart Lighting by Dee Denteneer At first glance, the standardization of LED lighting components seems to be quite remote from the rise of smart, connected lighting and the Internet of Things (IoT). But the projected growth in penetration of smart lighting can only be realized through developments in high-volume electronics and standardization. Such standardization is intended to remove arbitrary variations in components, making design and implementation easier for manufacturers of smart LED luminaires, and enabling a supplier ecosystem. This is where Zhaga comes in. Read more »

Tech-Talks Bregenz | Apr 14, 2016

Tech-Talks BREGENZ - Karl Jónsson, IoT Architect, Tridonic

Tech-Talks BREGENZ - Karl Jónsson, IoT Architect, Tridonic Karl Jónsson, IoT Architect at Tridonic presented some interesting facts, figures, and ideas about IoT and the future of lighting in his speeches about “The Internet of Things and Lighting” at Zumtobel’s International Year of Light Event in 2015 and again at the Light + Building 2016 preview. LED professional got the chance to talk with him about his visions for IoT and Tridonic’s latest developments in that domain. Read more »

Discussions | Interview | Apr 07, 2016

Interview & Discussion: 5 Questions About Intelligent Lighting with Dr. Walter Werner

Interview & Discussion: 5 Questions About Intelligent Lighting with Dr. Walter Werner Interview with Dr. Walter Werner, Managing Director at Werner Management Services in Austria. This interview was originally published in The Lighting Magazine, Australia. Read more »

Leading Article | Interview | Mar 09, 2016

Lumileds Sets New Standards for Mid Power Range LEDs

LUXEON 2835 Rahul Bammi, Lumileds Vice President Marketing and Product Management and Matt Everett, Lumileds Senior Director Mid Power Products discussed their new Mid Power March product launches with Siegfried Luger, publisher of LED professional. This article covers the features of these new product lines. Read more »

Tech-Talks Bregenz | Feb 15, 2016

Tech-Talks BREGENZ - Wolfgang Nemitz, Scientist Joanneum Research

Tech-Talks BREGENZ - Wolfgang Nemitz, Scientist Joanneum Research Wolfgang Nemitz, scientist at the Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft, won the LED professional Scientific Paper Award at the LpS 2015 in Bregenz with his paper entitled “Iterative Optical and Thermal Simulation Method for Proper Simulation of PC LEDs” (published in the LpS 2016 Proceedings / p. 122 and LpR 52 / p. 48). Siegfried Luger and Arno Grabher-Meyer took this opportunity to discuss his research, the practical value of the findings and general solid-state lighting issues with him. Read more »

Commentary | Feb 15, 2016

Design Beyond Traditional Form Follows Function

Design Beyond Traditional Form Follows Function Today design is omnipresent. But what is design? “Design” was first coined by the American architect, Louis Sullivan, to mean that the style of architecture should reflect its purpose; applicable for buildings and constructions and later on attributable to products and objects. Read more »

Commentary | Jan 01, 2016

Can We Have That, Please? What We, As a Manufacturer of Lamps, Are Looking For by Axel Schmid, Ingo Maurer GmbH

Can We Have That, Please? What We, As a Manufacturer of Lamps, Are Looking For  by Axel Schmid,  Ingo Maurer GmbH Many things have happened since the blue and the white LEDs were introduced to the market. It was, and still is, an exciting time for us as a manufacturer of lamps and light objects. Read more »

Tech-Talks Bregenz | Dec 01, 2015

Tech-Talks BREGENZ - Dr. Jy Bhardwaj, Lumileds, CTO

Dr. Jy Bhardwaj Dr. Jy Bhardwaj, CTO at Lumileds, held a keynote speech at the 5th LED professional Symposium +Expo (LpS 2015) on September 22nd in Bregenz. He talked about “Trends and Challenges for System Integration” and pointed out further steps and phases of how lighting technologies will evolve. Arno Grabher-Meyer and Siegfried Luger talked with Dr. Bhardwaj about his view on embedded lighting, color LED technologies, substrate and light source technologies. Read more »

Interview | News-Spot | Nov 26, 2015

Interview with Nick Farraway, Vice President EMEA at Cree

Nick Farraway and Katharina Fink Cree, Inc. provides lighting-class light emitting diode (LED), lighting, and semiconductor products for power and radio-frequency (RF) applications in the United States, China, Europe, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, and internationally. Its Lighting Products segment offers LED lighting systems and bulbs for use in settings, such as office and retail space, restaurants and hospitality, schools and universities, manufacturing, healthcare, airports, municipal, residential, street lighting and parking structures, and other applications This segment sells its products to distributors, retailers, and customers. The company’s LED Products segment provides blue and green LED chip products for use in various applications, including video screens, gaming displays, function indicator lights and automotive backlights, headlamps, and directional indicators. It also offers XLamp LED components and LED modules for lighting applications; and surface mount and through-hole packaged LED products for video, signage, general illumination, transportation, gaming, and specialty lighting applications. Read more »

Tech-Talks Bregenz | Interview | Nov 23, 2015

Tech-Talks BREGENZ - Andreas Weisl, SSC Europe, Vice-President

Andreas Weisl Seoul Semiconductor has more than 20 years of experience in semiconductor manufacturing and invests more than 10% of its annual revenue in LED research and development. On average, Seoul Semiconductor applies for more than 600 patents every year. Currently, the company holds more than 10,000 LED patents, including patents in core LED technologies such as Acrich, Acrich MJT, nPola, TV Direct Backlight Technology, UV, and many more. Seoul Semiconductor’s extensive patent portfolio in LED technology includes epitaxial growth, fabrication, packaging, and system application of LED technology. LED professional talked with Andreas Weisl, Vice-President of Seoul Semiconductor Europe GmbH about their business, technologies and solutions. Read more »

Commentary | Nov 16, 2015

Lighting Beyond Illumination by Dr. Heinz Seyringer, zumtobel group

Dr. Heinz Seyringer Currently, lighting is at the same point the mobile phones were when the first additional features beyond the actual phone service were introduced. There are many new possibilities arising but nobody knows which of them will be the killer apps of tomorrow. Read more »

Commentary | Sep 21, 2015

Creating Growth for the Lighting Industry in Europe with new Opportunities

Diederik de Stoppelaar How to create growth for the lighting industry in Europe was the challenge in the strategy workshop of LightingEurope in May. With the economic climate improving, various opportunities around LED technology have been defined including lighting applications such as smart lighting or human centric lighting. Read more »

Commentary | Sep 07, 2015

IYL 2015 - Light is Live, Light is Culture, Solid State Light is Progress

Joseph J. Niemela On 20 December 2013, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 2015 as the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies (IYL 2015). This was the culmination of a long and concerted effort by a large consortium of scientific bodies, working together with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), where the initiative was adopted by its General Conference in November of the same year. Read more »

Tech-Talks Bregenz

Tech-Talks BREGENZ - Ewing Liu, Everlight, Technical Marketing Manager

Ewing Lui LED manufacturers have different strategies and approaches for their product portfolios depending on from which business they are originated. Everlight has a very long experience in optoelectronics as packaging company. Accompanied by Christopher Keusch, Director of Lighting Business EMEA, Ewing Liu, Technical Marketing Manager at Everlight, talks about about the background of the company, the worldwide strategies and upcoming techologies. Read more »


Exclusive Interview: Nobel Prize and Global Energy Prize Winner Prof. Shuji Nakamura

Shuji Nakamura On June 19th, 2015 Nobel and Millennium prize winner, Professor Shuji Nakamura was awarded the Global Energy Prize in St. Petersburg, Russia. The Global Energy Prize is given to researchers in the field of energy efficiency and renewable technologies on a global scale. During the Global Energy Prize Event in St. Petersburg, Professor Nakamura gave an exclusive interview about the developments and future of solid-state lighting. Siegfried Luger, CEO of Luger Research, Event Director of the LpS 2015 and Publisher of LED professional, talked with Professor Nakamura about LED substrate technologies, violet and ultra-violet emitters, nano-technologies, OLEDs and laser technologies. Read more »

Commentary | Aug 24, 2015

LED Innovation will Offer a Human-Centric Smart Lighting Platform Enabling Enterprise IOT

Frank Harder After a century of analog electrical light, the lighting industry has spent the last decade in transition to digital light sources; LEDs, sought to replace the tungsten filament. LEDs are now embedded in all market segments in both residential and commercial applications. The predictions of early LED pioneers such as Dr. Roland Haitz have become reality today: more lumens delivered at a lower cost with increasing reliability and quality of light attributes. As a result, the world of electrical light has accepted that LEDs will be its primary light source and contribute to saving significant electrical energy, reducing carbon emissions and providing increased safety and comfort in our homes, at work and even while commuting in traffic. Read more »

Tech-Talks Bregenz

Tech-Talks BREGENZ - Daniel Doxsee, Nichia Europe, Deputy Managing Director

Daniel Doxsee Nichia is arguably the company with the longest history of manufacturing white LEDs. Recently, however, new competitors especially from China, have started challenging Nichia’s market share. Nichia’s role in strategic and technical solid-state lighting issues and its past, present and future were discussed with Daniel Doxsee, Nichia Chemical Europe’s Deputy Managing Director. Read more »


A Confusing Situation that demands Solutions: Performance Specification

Jacob Nuesink Product innovations are not the only consequence of recent advancements in the lighting market. These changes must be accompanied by a realization that the “old” methods for specifying the performance of lighting products no longer fully apply and need to be amended. From the perspective of DEKRA, an organization specialized in the testing and certification of SSL products, the current situation shows the following picture: Read more »

Interview | Jun 18, 2015

Nobel Prize & Global Energy Prize Winner Prof. Shuji Nakamura Explains the Future of SSL Technology

Nobel Prize Winner Prof. Shuji Nakamura explains the future of SSL technologies. In an exclusive interview with Siegfried Luger, the publisher of LED professional, Nobel Prize & Global Energy Prize Winner, Prof. Shuji Nakamura presented a clear roadmap of how solid-state lighting technologies will evolve over the next few years. He also gave his view of winning approaches and explained why he thinks this way. Read more »

Tech-Talks Bregenz | Jan 30, 2015

Tech-Talks BREGENZ - Prof. Mehmet Arik, University of Ozyegin, Turkey

Prof. Mehmet Arik Thermal management is an ongoing challenge and a topic of continued research and innovation. Prof. Mehmet Arik from the University of Ozyegin, Istanbul, also known as the ‘Edison of the 21st Century’, discussed core thermal issues and new innovative solutions, trends in cost reduction, packaging and how we can learn from electronics to achieve better thermal management of the system as a whole. Read more »

Resources | LpR Article | Tech-Talks Bregenz | Measurement | Jan 09, 2015

Tech-Talks BREGENZ - Prof. Jiangen Pan, Everfine, Founder & CTO

Prof. Jiangen Pan With ever-increasing demands on measurement equipment, it is becoming essential to meet user needs by providing combined solutions, which address optical, electrical and thermal issues. Prof. Jiangen Pan CEO, Founder and Chief Scientist at Everfine Institute of Optoelectronics, provided valuable insights on new compact solutions for LED measurements, his views and contributions towards global standards and how he works in his “thinking laboratory”. Read more »

Resources | LpR Article | Tech-Talks Bregenz | Market | SSL

Tech-Talks BREGENZ - Dietmar Zembrot, LightingEurope, President

Dietmar Zembrot Rapidly growing technologies and emerging market trends in solid-state lighting encourage new innovations largely driven by applications and technological developments. Dietmar Zembrot, President of LightingEurope and Managing Director of TRILUX Group, shared his insights on changing value chains and business models, Europe’s competitiveness and the main driving forces for current SSL technologies. Read more »

Smart Lighting + IoT | Resources | Tech-Talks Bregenz | Controls | LpR Article | Sep 12, 2014

Tech-Talks BREGENZ - Walter Werner Werner Mgmt. Services, CEO

Walter Werner The transition from traditional light sources to solid-state light sources has also affected lighting controls. Nowadays we talk about smart lighting, human centric lighting and software dominated lighting concepts. Dr. Walter Werner from Werner Management Services, a highly experienced lighting controls expert, discussed the major trends in lighting controls with LED professional, as part of the Tech-Talks BREGENZ series. Read more »

Tech-Talks Bregenz | Jun 16, 2014

Tech-Talks BREGENZ: Martina Paul, General Secretary, CIE (Article published in LpR #43)

Martina Paul With the rise of LEDs as the future lighting technology, the relatively stable lighting industry faces many changes and challenges. One of the main challenges is the ever increasing speed of transitions, something already seen in the semiconductor business. Standardization organizations are facing similar challenges. On the one hand they should define standards that will last as long as possible and on the other hand the standards need to be as clear and precise as possible. Martina Paul, Secretary General of the most important standardization body, the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) was invited to the Tech-Talks BREGENZ to discuss these topics. Read more »


WHITE PAPER: Measuring UVA & Violet LED Light Sources

WHITE PAPER: Measuring UVA & Violet LED Light Sources As the development of new UV LED sources continues at an ever-growing pace, so do the industrial applications that utilize them. UV LEDs are being put to work in various industrial processes, medical applications, and disinfection solutions. Efficient utilization of the UV radiation requires good ... Read more »


Luminus Releases Hospitality COB Series for Hotels and Restaurants

Luminus Releases Hospitality COB Series for Hotels and Restaurants Luminus Devices has announced its new Hospitality COB series featuring high color rendering, precise chromaticity control and Warm CCTs. With LES sizes ranging from 6mm to 22mm, and lumen output from 500 to 5000 lumens, the Luminus Hospitality COB series is the smart choice for beautiful, warm ... Read more »


New Cree LED™ XLamp® XP-P LEDs Deliver Breakthrough Intensity

New Cree LED™ XLamp® XP-P LEDs Deliver Breakthrough Intensity Our name has changed, but our commitment to superior LED technology, reliability, innovation, support, and service remains steadfast. The same teams with years of Cree LED experience are newly energized to help our customers improve their LED-based products and develop new applications. Read more »


New LUXEON® SkyBlue™ LED Solution Simplifies and Speeds Development of Human-Centric Lighting

New LUXEON® SkyBlue™ LED Solution Simplifies and Speeds Development of  Human-Centric Lighting Lumileds today announced the immediate availability of its new LED human-centric lighting solution – LUXEON SkyBlue. In partnership with BIOS Lighting, Lumileds has engineered a circadian lighting solution that delivers superior melanopic ratios at comfortable CCTs – 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K – with ... Read more »