White Paper | Technology | Feb 07, 2012

Power Integrations - 15.3 W Dimmable LED Driver Design for PAR30/PAR38 Applications

The engineering team at PI just released an isolated, high power factor, TRIAC dimmable, LED driver design for PAR30/PAR38 applications. Design Example Report 314 (DER-314) is designed to drive a nominal LED string voltage of 36 V at 425 mA from an input voltage range of 185 VAC to 265 VAC.

Features include:
High efficiency, ≥87% at 230 VAC
Low cost Single-stage converter
Single sided PCB
Low component count

Enhanced user experience Flicker free, fast monotonic start-up (<300 ms) – no perceptible delay
Broad dimmer compatibility

Integrated protection and reliability features Output open circuit / output short-circuit protected with auto-recovery
Line input overvoltage shutdown extends voltage withstand during line faults
Auto-recovering thermal shutdown with large hysteresis protects both components and printed circuit board

IEC 61000-4-5 ring wave, IEC 61000-3-2 C and EN55015 B conducted EMI compliant

Download DER-314 Reference Design