IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Aug 03, 2010

Beadlight wins patent for diffusion system

UK - Beadlight Ltd, an innovator in LED diffusion and video effect technologies, has announced the grant of Patent No. GB2392488 by the UK Patent Office entitled 'Illumination device'.

The technology described in the patent provides a unique method of diffusing light, particularly directional light generated by LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes).

This innovative approach to light diffusion has the effect of producing a myriad of virtual point sources of light, scattering the directional glare normally associated with LED products. This proprietary technology has been incorporated across the Beadlight range, including the ice*lighting and Light*Wand ranges of entertainment and architectural lighting.

Pat Wisby, managing director of Beadlight, was delighted with the news that the company's first patent had been granted: "This award-winning technology allows us to produce the highest quality diffuse light from LEDs and this is the first patent of a number filed in our desire to push the boundaries of LED applications. The recognition will allow us to work more closely with our partners in developing LED products requiring the highest quality light as we pursue our drive into the architectural and install markets."

Bead*light technology won the Oxfordshire Business Award for Innovation in 2005.