IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Aug 03, 2010

TIR Systems awarded another patent for solid state lighting technology

Vancouver, BC – TIR Systems Ltd. (TSX Symbol: TIR), a world leader in Solid State Lighting (SSL) technology, announced today that it has been granted patent #7,140,752 as the company’s 7th patent. This patent protects a neural network control system that enables TIR’s unique feedback technology to maintain consistent white light and intensity during variations in operating conditions when applied to solid state light fixtures. TIR’s feedback technology is one of the key breakthroughs incorporated in its Lexel® light sources.

The neural network control system patent is a significant milestone in TIR’s rapidly growing patent portfolio of SSL technology, which currently includes 138 patent applications filed worldwide. This patent once again confirms TIR’s leadership in the solid state lighting field and the company’s continuous dedication to protecting its intellectual property in SSL.

“This is a major breakthrough in control systems for LED-based white lighting,” states Brent York, Chief Technology Officer for TIR Systems. “With this innovative technology the Lexel will provide long term system stability, while delivering perfectly controllable white light. These unique qualities will allow TIR’s lighting manufacturing partners to achieve greater flexibility when designing their Lexel-based lighting products. They will also provide them the opportunity to deliver quality, cost-competitive lighting products to their markets.”

About Lexel®

The Lexel is a perfectly controllable new solid state light source incorporating light emitting diodes (LEDs) that has the potential to use up to 80% less energy to produce the same amount of light as a conventional light source and does not degrade its output or color temperature over its 50,000 hour life. The Lexel combines breakthroughs in thermal design, optics, and feedback to provide precise color temperature control and dimming in a cost effective design, resulting in a truly intelligent light source for illumination.

About TIR Systems Ltd.

TIR Systems Ltd., a world leader in light enabling technology, is building the foundations for tomorrow’s lighting. TIR developed the Lexel, which is the first, fully integrated, Light Emitting Diode (LED) based light source, designed specifically to produce high quality white light essential for general lighting applications. The benefits of the Lexel technology will encourage a more rapid adoption of Solid State Lighting and the Lexel is positioned to become a new standard in the global lighting market.