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Technology | Nov 16, 2006

QD Vision improves quantum-dot LED performance

WATERTOWN, Mass., QD Vision, Inc., announced it has achieved significant improvements in efficiency of its red quantum-dot light-emitting devices (QD-LEDs). The trend of improvements in brightness, color, resolution and other metrics continue to advance QD- LEDs toward best-in-class performance levels among display technologies.

"The new performance registered with our red QD-LED is an important milestone on QD Vision's path to develop and deliver quantum-dot materials, device architectures and manufacturing processes that will enable manufacturers to produce the next generation of high-performance displays," said QD Vision CEO Mark Comerford.

According to QD Vision, red QD-LEDs fabricated in its laboratory have consistently and simultaneously achieved external quantum efficiencies (EQEs) of 3.1% and luminous efficiencies of 3.4 lm/W (4.2 Cd/A) at a brightness of 210 nits and with CIExy color coordinates of (0.66, 0.33), which exceeds the stringent NTSC standard. These metrics are substantial improvements over the best-in-class results QD Vision announced for its red LEDs in June 2006.

The improvements in QD Vision's red display come on the heels of the company's announcement in October of the world's first green quantum-dot LED, which also achieved record setting performance levels. The company said it has also produced a blue QD-LED that will be the focus of a future announcement.

"We are making steady progress toward commercialization of quantum-dot display materials and technologies," said Dr. Seth Coe-Sullivan, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of QD Vision. "We intend to continue driving further improvements in the performance of QD Vision devices to enable the next generation of displays that will offer a better lifetime, efficiency, and viewing experience than current-generation products."

About QD Vision
QD Vision ( is leading quantum-dot materials advancements and manufacturing process development for the next generation of displays. With backing from Highland Capital Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners, QD Vision's interdisciplinary team is focused on eliminating the shortcomings of current-generation displays by achieving the unique combination of high product reliability, low power consumption, scalable manufacturing, and best-in-class viewing experience.