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Zhaga Summit | Event

Zhaga Summit: "Sustainable Lighting for Smart Cities and Buildings"

Sustainability is a major trend in the lighting industry, driven by regulations and requested by customers and society. The Zhaga Consortium is hosting this online event on 29 September, 15:00 – 18:00 CEST with speakers from national authorities, cities, industry association, lighting design and manufacturing.


Date/Time: September 29th , 2021 from 03:00 PM - 06:00 PM (CEST)

The target audience are manufacturers of lighting products and specifiers, users and investors of smart city and building lighting installations.

Learn from the experts! They will...

  • shed light on the regulatory framework around circularity and new visions in lighting design,
  • discuss pioneering use cases from cities, national authorities and manufacturers, and
  • explain the role of Zhaga in support of the trend towards sustainable lighting.


F7FE6361-2ABB-486D-95B3-3E758AADFFC8.pngKeynote on climate protection and ecodesign
by Dr. Peter Liese, Member of the European Parliament

Dr. Liese is a Member and European People’s Party (EPP) Coordinator in the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety. His is also a Substitute Member in the Committee on Budgets and a Member in the Delegation for relations with the countries of Central America, and finally he is a Member in the Delegation to the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly. 

  • Medical Studies in Marburg, Aachen and Bonn. Attained his PhD from the Human Genetics Institute of the University Bonn. Occupation as doctor in Guatemala. Ward physician in the children’s hospital in Paderborn, Germany (till 1994). Physician in a group practice (1994 - 2002).
  • District Chairman of the Junge Union (1991-1997).
  • Member of the Council of the Municipal Bestwig (1989-1994). Member of the Central Committee of German Catholics (since 1997).
  • Member of the federal executive Board of the CDU.
  • Member of the European Parliament for the region Südwestfalen (South Westphalia) since 1994.

Key EU Sustainability & Circular Economy policies for lighting
by Elena Scaroni, Policy Director, LightingEurope

The sustainability requirements in the new EU ecodesign rules for lighting are a first indication of the potential impact of EU sustainability policies and laws on the design, manufacture and marketing of lighting products. LightingEurope is the industry’s voice in Brussels, we liaise with decision-makers to explain the particularities of lighting and to shape balanced rules that can be easily understood, applied and enforced. During the presentation, LightingEurope will give an overview of the sustainability policies that are currently being debated in the EU and how they impact lighting, and shortly summarise the circular economy mandatory requirements introduced by ecodesign that apply as of 1 September 2021.

  • Elena Scaroni joined LightingEurope as Policy Director in September 2016 and is responsible for policies related to Sustainability and the transition to LED.  
  • She has led the advocacy work on behalf of the European Lighting Industry on the latest Ecodesign Regulation for light sources in the legislative debate between the European Commission, the Member States and the European Parliament.
  • Prior to LightingEurope, Elena worked for 8-years at the European Institutional Affairs of Enel, a multinational energy company for electricity and gas.
  • She was responsible for the relations with the European Parliament on policies related to environment, climate, energy, consumers and Corporate Social Responsibility.

How Zhaga addresses Sustainability & Circular Economy
by Reinhard Lecheler, Chair of Zhaga Steering Committee, Osram

* Introduction to Sustainability and Circular Economy and their meaning in the field of lighting
* The facets of luminaire serviceability
* The concept of “Circularity Lighting”
* Problems to be addressed and solutions offered by Zhaga
* Conclusions

  • Reinhard Lecheler is Chairman of the Technology Steering Team in the Lighting Association of the ZVEI and Chair of the Steering Committee of the Zhaga Consortium.
  • With OSRAM since 1990, currently responsible for standardisation and regulations in the Digital Systems division.
  • Previously he was head of development for electronic control gear with responsibility for several European design centres.
  • Reinhard Lecheler holds a diploma in physics and is a trained electronics craftsman.

Vision on sustainable lighting design
by Emilio Hernandez, Chair of Green-Light Alliance

* Smart cities & buildings are intertwined with sustainability and opportunities for efficiency, but a luminaire can only be circular if the lighting project is too.
* We will touch on some key opportunities for smart luminaires and lighting design to evolve and adapt.together with circular economy principles in mind as well as highlighting different legislation and metrics on the circularity of a design being explored in our industry.

  • After 15 years in lighting design working on a diverse range of projects and sectors Emilio
  • recently moved from London to Umea in Sweden and has co-founded ‘Ström’ (with his partner Anna Sandgren). This move has provided the independence to form partnerships to help develop & promote the sustainable lighting design values needed as we head to a net zero carbon future.
  • As an active member of the lighting community Emilio has spoken at design conferences and provided CPD’s and is one of several founding members of the Green-Light Alliance and current sitting chair.  

TE8700964-1E83-424D-A08E-38EA343EB4C6.pnghe industry transformation with Zhaga/D4i exterior lighting as part of SaaS
by Matthias Weber, Business Development Manager Digitisation, Siteco and
by Waldemar Becker, Global Product Manager Controls & Smart City, Zumtobel Group

About Matthias Weber (left):

  • Matthias Weber is Business Development Manager for digitalisation and light management at SITECO.
  • SITECO stands for 150 years of lighting technology and solutions – designed and engineered in Germany. The company offers a wide range of lighting solutions for indoors and outdoors.
  • Matthias Weber started with Siteco 5 years ago.
  • His professional career spans more than 20 years with experience in radio-systems, software- and control technology – and in telecommunications and automisation companies.
  • In his current function he selects new sensors und controls for the product portfolio of SITECO and trains sales and customers in the application of intelligent outdoor lighting.

About Waldemar Becker (right):

  • I am a digital city advocate with a focus on innovation and technology management, driving forward Thorn‘s connectivity strategy for public lighting and smart cities with the UrbaSens OLC portfolio.
  • Being the first to work with Zhaga/D4i listed wireless controller products demonstrates the importance that the Zumtobel Group places on standardisation and interoperability.

Replaceable linear LED light sources - solutions for future-proof and serviceable luminaires (Zhaga Books 21 & 26)
by Michael Huelskemper, Product Management – Electronic Systems for Luminaires, Osram

* Michael Huelskemper joined OSRAM Digital Systems in 2017 and is – as Head of Product Management ESL – responsible for the luminaire component portfolio for the EMEA market.

* Prior to his current assignment he was working for 10 years on various assignments as Global product and project manager for professional LED luminaires in the lighting industry.

Product Design & Voluntary Efforts (Zhaga Book 20)
by Michael Myer – Researcher, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

* Michael Myer has been with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for 14 years.
* PNNL is one of the U.S. Department of Energy national laboratories.
* Prior to joining PNNL, Michael worked as an architectural lighting designer in New York. Michael became an architectural lighting designer after completing his M.S. in Lighting from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and his B.A. in Theatre from Arizona State University.
* Since joining PNNL Michael has worked on a wide-ranging number of lighting projects. Michael splits his time across a variety of programs including Building Energy Codes and Federal Appliance Standards; Commercial Building Integration, and Advanced Lighting / solid-state lighting. These programs provide Michael with a cross-cutting point of view where he can borrow and share across the programs. Michael has been involved in many field evaluations and demonstrations.

Programming luminaire components – Easy data management over the entire lifecycle (Zhaga Books 24 & 25)
by Jan de Graaf, Product Architect, Signify

* It is important that luminaire data can be easily configured and managed over the entire lifecycle of the luminaire to extend the useful life of luminaires and contribute in this way to a circular and so more sustainable economy.
* The problem is that currently a variety of methods for programming and data read-out are used and installers or maintenance persons need to manage all these methods with different tools.
* Zhaga offers a solution with NFC based programming at the OEM (Book24) and in the field (Book25) covering the entire luminaire lifecycle with interoperable maintenance tools enabling easy to service, configurable luminaires.



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Zhaga Summit: "Sustainable Lighting for Smart Cities and Buildings"

Zhaga Summit: "Sustainable Lighting for Smart Cities and Buildings" Sustainability is a major trend in the lighting industry, driven by regulations and requested by customers and society. The Zhaga Consortium is hosting this online event on 29 September, 15:00 – 18:00 CEST with speakers from national authorities, cities, industry association, lighting design and ... Read more »


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