News-Spot | Business News | Jul 29, 2014

Latest, 38% More Efficient Version of XLamp XM-L2 EasyWhite LED Now Available from MSC

Cree's XLamp XM-L2 EasyWhite is the first LED of its size to enable color-consistent 50-Watt halogen performance MSC Technologies, a business group of Avnet Electronics Marketing EMEA, a business region of Avnet Inc., presents the new XLamp® XM-L2 EasyWhite® LED from Cree. It delivers more than 1,100 lumens of color-consistent light from a 5 mm x 5 mm package and enabling a 38 percent gain in light output and efficacy as a drop-in upgrade to the first-generation XM-L EasyWhite LED. Built on Cree’s EasyWhite technology, which combines the industry’s tightest color binning and intense light output from a single LED, the XM-L2 EasyWhite LED is optimized to replace Color-Consistent 50-Watt Halogen Technology. Read more »

News-Spot | Business News | May 12, 2015

MSC Technologies Now Offers New LMH2+ LED Modules from Cree

MSC now provides Cree's improved LMH2+ modules with 125 lpw and CRI 90 MSC Technologies, a business group of Avnet Electronics Marketing EMEA, a business region of Avnet, is offering Innovative LMH2+ with unprecedented combination of 125 lumens-per-watt Efficacy and 90 CRI in a Small Form Factor. The LMH2+ is the only LED module that allows lighting manufacturers to achieve a system efficacy of 100 lumens-per-watt with high light quality. Read more »

News-Spot | Business News | Aug 14, 2013

Cree XLamp® XH-B & XH-G LEDs Now Available at Mouser

Cree XLamp® XH-B & XH-G LED's unique ceramic packaging promises long calculated L70 lifetimes Mouser Electronics, Inc. today announced it is stocking the new XLamp® XH-B & XH-G LEDs from Cree, featuring unique ceramic packaging for long calculated L70 lifetimes. Read more »

News-Spot | Business News | Dec 06, 2012

YEG Opto Introduces the New Samsung MP36S High Performance Mid Power LED Range

Samsungs MP36S is bridging the gap between mid and high power LEDs delivering up to 110lm@150mA YEG Opto is launching the new Samsung MP36S series of mid-high power LEDs specifically designed for lighting applications. These 0.6W-1.2W LEDs give the best lumen-cost ratio of any LED in this class available today and will open new application possibilities for LEDs previously believed not to be technically or commercially viable or practical. Read more »

News-Spot | Business News | Jan 03, 2013

XLamp XM-L RGBW – Now Available from Forge Europe

The multi-color XLamp® XM-L Color is just one out of six improved color LEDs from Cree, besides the royal blue, blue, green, red and red-orange XLamp® XB-D Color LEDs The new XLamp XM-L RGBW is an extension to Cree Inc.’s range of combined red, green, blue and white LED emitters. Packaged as a 5mm x 5mm square component, the XM-L RGBW is made up of four individually addressable LED chips that enable extensive colour mixing potential. Read more »

Business News | Oct 28, 2013

Schukat Now Supplies the Most Powerful of the ZENIGATA Modules

The new MegaZENI modules from Sharp are now available from Schukat Schukat now supplies the latest and currently most powerful models in Sharp's popular ZENIGATA series of LED modules. The new MegaZENIs, mounted on a 20x24mm ceramic substrate, are available in six different series with 15W, 25W or even 50W of electrical power and a range of CRI (Colour Rendering Index) classes. At the same time, the MegaZENI LED modules provide up to 4880 lm luminous power, with the most effective models delivering maximum light yield of 105 lm/W. Read more »

News-Spot | Business News | Nov 11, 2013

Cree's New XLamp CXA Family Members with a 68% Brighter LED Array Now Available from MSC

Cree's new CXA3590 with improved the lumen density is now are available at MSC The two new Cree XLamp LED arrays for applications that require a very high light yield are characterized by a particularly long service life and low power consumption and can be purchased immediately at MSC. Read more »

News-Spot | Business News | Sep 03, 2012

Arrow Electronics and Intematix Sign Global Distribution Agreement for Remote Phosphor LED Lighting Solutions

Arrow distributes now the Intematix ChromaLit remote phosphor system Arrow Electronics, Inc. has signed a global distribution agreement with Intematix Corporation to deliver ChromaLit remote phosphor components for high-quality LED lighting. Read more »


New Name. New breakthroughs. All LED.

New Name. New breakthroughs. All LED. SMART Global Holdings, Inc. today announced that it has completed its acquisition of Cree, Inc.’s (NASDAQ:CREE) Cree LED Products business unit (“Cree LED”). Read more »


Lumileds' News LUXEON 2835N 3V-LED Extends the Mid-Power Performance Curve

Lumileds' News LUXEON 2835N 3V-LED Extends the Mid-Power Performance Curve Lumileds announced the new LUXEON 2835N, which fills in the performance gap between the LUXEON 2835C and the LUXEON 2835 HE. The three variants are relatively close in performance at 65 mA – LUXEON 2835N delivers 204 lumens per Watt – as current increases, real differences in both light output and ... Read more »


XLamp XP-G3 Photo Red S Line LEDs – Cree's New Flagship Horticulture LED

XLamp XP-G3 Photo Red S Line LEDs – Cree's New Flagship Horticulture LED Cree's XLamp XP-G3 Photo Red S Line LEDs deliver improved efficiency, best in class sulfur resistance and better system level reliability through switching and dimming cycles. With the S Line versions, Cree delivers high-power LED technology that is optimized for both general and horticulture ... Read more »