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ALT Presented the Ultimate Challenge of LED at LED LIghting Taiwan

Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. (ALT), the leading Taiwanese high power LED lighting supplier, participated in the International Optoelectronics Exposition 2013 with the theme of “ The Ultimate Challenge of LED ”. After stunning the industry with its 100°C boiling tested LED lamps at the Taiwan International Lighting Show 2013 in March, this time, ALT expanded the limit of LED technology again by immersing LED lamps in -40°C dry ice while maintaining normal operation without luminous decay or flickering.

Once again, ALT has proven its products are not only water and dust proof, but also high and low temperature resistant, which in turn, demonstrates the R&D capacity of high power LED lighting from Aeon Lighting Technology Inc.

It ’s well known that temperature is always the key factor which will affect the life span and luminous maintenance directly. Many consumers found LED lamps they bought last shorter than indicated on the product label or the light color shifts from white to light green over time as a result of poor heat dissipation. ALT LED lamps incorporate the aesthetic housing with its proprietary, pure aluminum heat sink design which could considerably enhance the thermal management. Besides the heat, low temperature is also another concern. By presenting products that pass 100°C and -40°C limit tests, ALT proves its LED lamps' high steadiness and durability and is certain to stir the LED industry again!

In addition to 100°C boiling and -40°C freeze-resistant products, ALT raised another bar for high power LED lighting industry by receiving CNS - explosion proof certification this month and awaits A-TEX certification in July! With its successful integration of LED lighting source and anti-explosive mechanics, ALTLED ™ E01 could be widely applied in gas station, winery, mining area and petroleum refinery without any safety concern. Featuring continuous lighting, and being high-frequency flicker free, it could improve industrial lighting safety significantly. At high-risk flammable locations, explosion proof LED lamps not only save power but also cut lighting bills as replacement and maintenance costs are usually higher than the lamp itself ! ALT's comprehensive product lines and application scopes continually bring the safest and most reliable lighting options to the consumer worldwide!

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About ALT:
Combining the parent company's server grade cooling technologies, ALT is devoted to developing and providing power saving and environment protection lighting device to customers. In addition to more than 100 global patents and safety regulation certifications, ALT has won Germany's iF industrial design awards, M Technology awards, Red Dot industrial design awards, and Japan's Good Design awards. Through its global market promotion efforts in recent years, ALT has become the first choice of both professional buyers and designers.