Business News | Jun 28, 2012

e:lumix Sets the Course for Production and Technology in the LED Domain

Augsburg, Germany (June 27th, 2012) --- e:lumix, the LED, module and lamp manufacturer located in Augsburg, Germany sets a decisive course for expansion and technological leadership.

e:lumix invested in 105,000 m² of floor space at the beginning of this year for a new manufacturing plant.  This 5 storey building has 74,000 m² of clean rooms, 3,000 m² of which are already qualified for the production of LEDs.  The new manufacturing plant used to be a semi-conductor production hall owned by Siemens.

For this reason the existing infrastructure is ideal for the special wet chemical wafer growing process used by e:lumix.

The pre-run has already been carried out and production will start in December of this year.

Besides the investment for the factory in Augsburg (approx. 70 million Euros by 2016 and about 900 work places), e:lumix has closed a strategically important cooperation deal with AT&S in Austria.

The contract comprises the development and production of High-I:MS Materials (Insulated Metal Substrates) at the Klagenfurt location.  The development of “light emitting film” based on LEDs has begun and the first prototypes have already been produced.

The main emphasis of the technological development of the e:lumix LEDs and modules is the driverless or AC-driven approach.  Without the additional driver electronics, the LED modules can be plugged directly into the AC mains power supply.  The e:DOB  (e:lumix Die on Board) modules are based on the Pirat Advanced Micro LED which was especially optimized to run on AC mains.

e:lumix will be presenting their latest technologies at the LED professional Symposium +Expo – the LpS2012, from September 25-27 in Bregenz. (Booth numbers B9, B11, B13, C10, C12, C14.)

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