SSL | Components | UV | UV-C | Disinfection | Jun 29, 2020

GKT's New UV-C Board Combines LEDIL's "VIOLET" and NICHIA's "NCSU334A"

In these turbulent times, we need reliable disinfection. Large amounts of water or large areas must be disinfected quickly within a few seconds. We offer a new design for this. Based on the new LEDIL "VIOLET" UV-C 12x multibeam lens, we have combined with the also new UV-C LED "NCSU334A" from NICHIA.

The result of the combination of LEDIL and NICHIA is a circuit board that has 660 mW relevant UV-C output at a wavelength of 280 nm. The current consumption is typical 350 mA at 62 Volt input voltage. An NTC for temperature measurement is also on-board, so the LEDs can be overdriven to a higher current limit. The boards can be connected in series.

We offer this board without components.

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