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Luminaires | UV | Disinfection | Jul 14, 2020

LumenFocus Launches UVFocus Line of Germicidal Luminaires

Ultraviolet technology has been used for disinfection for many years now, but COVID-19 is shining a new light on its potential for disinfection applications. It is because of this unfortunate situation that we are looking at different ways that lighting technology can be used to help beyond just illuminating a space.

UV is a disinfectant for air, water and surfaces. According to the International Ultraviolet Association, UV can play a role in reducing the transmission of COVID-19.

UVFocus germicidal fixtures will utilize UVC or near-UV technology. The product line is still evolving, with many more products expected to be added to the catalog soon. Currently, LumenFocus is offering three UVC luminaires: the GUA S, the GUA P, and the GCD. When used correctly, these antiviral and antibacterial products will help mitigate the risk of COVID-19 infection.

The GUA series of upper air germicidal fixtures has two variations – the pendant-mount option (GUA P) and the sconce (GUA S). These products are suitable for many applications, such as lobbies, hallways, offices, bathrooms, conference rooms, hotels, retail settings – to name a few.

When these fixtures are mounted at the specific height of 7 feet, the 254nm UVC light will cleanse the upper air in the room and will not come into contact with humans or animals. A proximity detection sensor comes standard with each GUA. This sensor turns off the fixture when motion is detected in the irradiation zone.

For safety a red light indicates power to the ballast, and a green light indicates the lamp is running.

These fixtures utilize low-wattage, ozone-free GUVT8 lamps that reduce airborne pathogens. Re-lamping these fixtures is simple and quick.

The housing of the GUA is constructed of durable cold rolled steel, with a silver (standard), white or black powder coat finish. A stainless steel housing is optional. The polished aluminum reflector is optimized for the dispersion of UVC light. The GUA P is available in a 4-foot length option, while the GUA S comes in 2-foot or 4-foot lengths.

The GCD is a wall-mounted direct luminaire for providing pathogen eradication in unoccupied rooms. It hangs in the corner, where the wall meets the ceiling. The GCD comes in 1- or 2-lamp options, utilizing the same 254nm GUVT8 lamps that are in the GUAs.

For safety, a reverse occupancy sensor powers off the unit when a person is detected in the occupancy zone. The unit powers back on once the area is unoccupied again. Like the GUAs, the GCD utilizes red and green indicator LEDs to let you know if the ballast has power and the lamp is energized.

The GCD is also constructed of cold rolled steel, in silver (standard), white or black powder coat finish, with the stainless steel housing optional. Like the GUA, it utilizes a polished aluminum reflector specially engineered to disperse UVC light.

The electronic ballasts in the GUAs and the GCD are specifically matched to the lamps for optimal performance and lifetime. These fixtures are UL 1598 listed for US and Canada, and certified IEC 62471. These fixtures come with a 3-year warranty (except for the lamps, which are covered under the manufacturer's warranty).

Every GUA and GCD is assembled in the USA - in LumenFocus' Henderson, NC facility.

LumenFocus will be announcing new additions to the UVFocus product line soon. You can stay on top of all UVFocus news at 

Important note:

Successful UV disinfection requires a systems approach taking into account dose, optics and safety relevant to the specific application. Please consult with the factory any questions or concerns. Avoid looking directly at the light and take necessary precautions during installation or maintenance of these products. Lamps used in the GUA and GCD series contain mercury. For more safety information, visit

More information on each of these products can be found on their individual product pages online. There you will find spec sheets, more photos, and an online inquiry form where the factory can assist. You can email LumenFocus directly with any inquiries -

About LumenFocus:

LumenFocus is a manufacturer of highly efficient LED luminaires and retrofit kits based out of Henderson, NC. We focus on manufacturing the most energy efficient, high quality, economical luminaires possible. LumenFocus offers a wide array of luminaire types, each with a variety of lumen output packages and options, enabling us to offer very comprehensive energy avoidance lighting packages for all types of projects. Our engineered-to-order retrofit and new luminaire capabilities allow us to offer solutions tailored to your exact lighting needs.
LumenFocus is led by an upper management team with individuals that average about 30 years in the lighting industry. With assembly based out of our 100,000 square foot factory in North Carolina, LumenFocus offers a wide variety of Buy American Act compliant fixtures.
We offer a variety of services in addition to manufacturing, like photometric analysis, energy and cost avoidance proposals, lighting audits, and tax incentive consultation to help provide the best LED lighting solutions. - 


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