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IST Announces Two New Products, realVLCTM for Retail, Office and Museum Lighting and the iDrive® Uno CC to Eliminate Flicker

Integrated System Technologies (IST) Limited, the British designer and manufacturer of smart lighting solutions, announces it will demonstrate one of the first cost effective Visual Light Communication (VLC) systems and launch the iDrive® Uno CC single channel LED driver, which eliminates LED flicker, ripple current, ripple frequency and stroboscopic effects on stand G23 at LuxLive 2012.

The realVLC™ System:
The realVLC™ system will be demonstrated using the Serenity Lighting™ Illuceo 197mm standard 40W downlight to transmit data from the LED fixture to a standard mobile device, using its rear-facing video camera with nothing other than a standard app to receive the information.

realVLC™ utilizes the light emitted from LEDs or OLEDs found in standard light fixtures to transmit wireless data to a variety of devices including PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. This wireless data information can then be analyzed and used for a variety of value-added applications, including:

• personalized content delivery for retail and museum displays
• point of sale and advertising display lighting
• real-time location analytics for retail
• indoor navigation systems where GPS cannot be used
• high speed (up to 1Gbps) secure internet access

The realVLC™ system will demonstrate how standard LED lighting can transmit text messages direct to your mobile phone running a standard app and that such information can be targeted to users in retail, point of sale, advertising and museum lighting to provide relevant information on products, displays and special offers.

VLC-based systems have so far been confined to academic research, however IST with its technology partner PureVLC Ltd, a spin-out from the University of Edinburgh, are aiming to accelerate the adoption in industry by developing a low-cost VLC platform that enables end users to easily integrate VLC technology into their applications.

IST has an enviable reputation for supplying high specification and feature-rich LED driver systems under the iDrive® brand and it is planning to expand its patented DSP driver platform to deliver cost effective realVLC™  and accelerate the adoption of VLC technology in the lighting and end-user markets.

Dr Geoff Archenhold, Founder of Integrated System Technologies Limited, commented:
"When I first saw the PureVLC demonstration system send a high definition movie using just a single LED MR16 a couple of years ago, I knew VLC was going to play a major role in the lighting industry of the future. IST has been watching the rapid progress made by this technology and our R&D team is confident that by combining our patented driver and LED fixture technologies with PureVLC’s IP in this area we can accelerate VLC’s adoption in key target markets with low cost solutions”.

Matt Fitzpatrick, Sales Director, commented: "We are pleased to be able to demonstrate our realVLC™ system at LuxLive 2012, which will show the lighting industry exactly what is possible with smart driver technology. Our strategy is to deliver smart lighting solutions for our key target customers, whether they are high quality deep dimming DALI drivers, high power Ethernet-based constant voltage drivers or multi-protocol convertors. We see realVLC™ systems as being a major leap in intelligent lighting systems for end users”.

Dr Geoff Archenhold stated “VLC-based technology using standard white LEDs can already transmit data at speeds of 1Gbps at lux levels of 400 and even at lux levels as low as 30 lux, data rates up to 700mbps are possible. The challenge for such high speed lighting systems will be cost and that is why IST is focusing on applications such as retail, museum, street lighting and location-based system lighting applications.”

Gordon Povey, CEO of pureVLC, commented: “We have invested many man-years of effort developing reliable visible light communication technology. PureVLC’S technology is unique because it works with existing LED fixtures and the data can even be received on a standard smart phone. Our vision is that all LED light fixtures will be data enabled in the future".  

To see this impressive demo in action, IST invites you to stand G23 at next week’s LuxLive 2012.

The iDrive® Uno CC:
The iDrive® Uno CC is a high efficiency, single channel, DC/DC LED driver that offers unparalleled features and functionality, including:

•    dual DMX/RDM and DSI/DALI control as standard
•    zero LED flicker, ripple current, ripple frequency and stroboscopic effects
•    wide DC input range from 12V to 70V
•    deep dimming functionality to 16-bits
•    8 maximum forward current settings up to 3A
•    patented variable voltage technology
•    compact size of 158mm x 50.5mm x 34mm (max.)

The lighting industry demands high performance LED and OLED lighting, however the majority of quality solid state lighting fixtures have been hindered by the absence of high quality LED/OLED drivers that do not exhibit the 100Hz or 120Hz flicker commonly found in most fixtures. The iDrive® Uno CC driver now offers lighting manufacturers the opportunity to deliver healthy lighting compliant fixtures with zero ripple current and no stroboscopic effects, due to IST’s patented technology.

Stroboscopic effects can cause moving objects to appear to be static under any light source that contains ripple current with ripple frequencies up to several thousand hertz and is vitally important for areas that illuminate hazardous, industrial and streets where moving objects and safety are paramount. In addition to stroboscopic effects illuminating ripple current can also mitigate health related issues from pulsing lights causing distress to users.
Dr Geoff Archenhold, Founder of Integrated System Technologies Limited, commented:
"we have combined several years of experience developing quality LED drivers with several of our key patents to add the Uno CC into the iDrive® range and deliver the first OLED/LED driver to completely eliminate ripple current and the potential of stroboscopic effects in OLED and LED light fixtures. The single stage LED driver provides unprecedented levels of deep dimming accuracy at over 16-bits for high power constant current LED arrays up to 3A, with maximum forward voltages up to 65V, making the technology ideal for integration within high bay, low bay, street, TV, Film, theatre, architectural, hospital, school and office lighting applications”.  

Matt Fitzpatrick, Sales Director, commented: "The iDrive® Uno CC driver is the most flexible driver IST has launched and is capable of controlling up to 200W of LED power from a single LED channel in a compact plastic chassis. Offering such incredible dimming control enables end users to receive healthy and safe premier lighting solutions that exhibit smooth dimming curve performance ideal for a number of applications. With a wide DC input range it allows OEMs to optimize and quickly construct intelligent DALI and RDM lighting systems”.

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About IST:
Integrated System Technologies (IST) Ltd. are global pioneers in the design and manufacture of world leading, intelligent iDrive® LED drivers and Serenity™ OEM LED lighting solutions for commercial, office, architectural, retail, entertainment, outdoor, amenity and domestic white light and RGB-W/A applications.
As recognised industry experts, IST applies superior knowledge of LED driver technology, thermal modelling and optical systems to design and manufacture high quality, durable LED lighting solutions, with a promise of up to 80% energy saving compared to traditional light sources.