Products, Materials + Tools | Dec 03, 2012

Oree Introduces LightCell™ Plus Range to Accelerate LED Planar Lighting Adoption

Planar lighting pioneer Oree today unveiled an expanded product offering, the LightCell™ Plus, to give lighting fixture manufacturers improved and “never before” options for developing innovative LED-based planar light fixtures. LightCell Plus is geared to general lighting segments including offices, retail, hospitality and residential lighting.

Planar lighting is characterized by flat and uniform illuminated surfaces that are designed to replace fluorescent lighting. LED planar modules offer the direct benefits of LEDs to end customers, such as energy savings, long life, a very attractive (flat) form factor, and high-quality, glare-free light. Fixture manufacturers using planar lighting benefit from needing less material to build fixtures, resulting in lower costs and environmental benefits.

Oree introduced its first planar lighting product, the "LightCell," last year. The LightCell Plus range is an expanded and improved range of modules that meets the needs of fixture manufacturers for higher lumen packages.

The LightCell Plus range of LED planar modules, like its predecessor, is based on a unique combination of features.

LightCell™ Plus Features:
• Flat and thin profile
• Uniform, glare-free surface
• High CRI in all color temperatures
• Attractive lumen output

The new LightCell Plus range includes 2 different sizes:
• Solo – a square module of 70mm x 70mm with 350lm
• Duo – a rectangular module of 140mm x 70mm with 700lm

Both are available in a range of CCTs (2700-6500). Accessories such as connectors and drivers are also available, making the LightCell Plus a full plug-and-play system offering for fixture manufacturers.
Future of lighting

“Oree envisions the future of lighting in which new form factors will be developed that unleash the full potential of LED technology,” said Peter van Strijp, Oree’s CEO. “Our expanded range of planar lighting modules will enable designers and fixture manufacturers to innovate and create new form factors that previously were unimaginable.”

About Oree:
Oree develops, manufactures and sells innovative LED planar light sources based upon a product concept called LightCell™. Oree’s technology addresses the needs of the general lighting market, enabling thin and efficient illumination of large areas. Oree’s patented technology allows general lighting manufacturers to significantly increase system efficiency and dramatically reduce the cost of LED-based systems. For more information visit: