Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 01, 2013

ProLight Opto Launches New Driver on Board (DOB) Series

ProLight DOB (Driver on Board) series are designed to be driven directly off of AC 110V without converters. It is a brilliant solution for lighting designs with limited space.

ProLight Opto thrives on providing customers with design-friendly products, and the latest DOB series will be no different. At 6W and 7W, ProLight offers the best-in-class replacement for incandescent bulbs. 15W is the perfect solution for down lights.

The converter and driver are the major factors on the lifetime limitation in LED lighting products. ProLight’s DOB series have embedded the driver IC, various components and emitter altogether on a single ALPCB. Designed to be driven directly off of AC 110V without converters, ProLight’s DOB series are able to achieve higher efficiency and better lifetime. The compact design of ProLight’s DOBs looks to help maximize the creativities of lighting designers.

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About Prolight Opto:
Founded in October 2004, ProLight Opto Technology Corporation is a professional manufacturer of LED packaging, dedicated to the research, development, and manufacturing of mid-to-high-power, high-reliability LED packaging. Through our products, we create value for our customers with best-in-class optics and heat dissipation. The main applications of our products include stage lighting, in door & outdoor billboard displays, commercial lighting, handheld lights, automotive lighting, other special-purpose lighting, etc.
Our mission is to promote solid-state lighting technologies, which enable us to create a beautifully colored world while keeping our beloved Earth evergreen.
Customer, integrity, innovation, team play, and openness constitute our core values. Through these values, we firmly believe that we will create a workplace with which our employees are happy to identify, in which customer value can be maximized, and through which we enjoy win-win solutions with customers, leading us to the ultimate business continuity.