Products, Materials + Tools | Oct 25, 2012

Tridonic's New LED-engine for Wide-Are Lighting Provides Higher Module Efficiency

Twenty percent more light output and even better lighting quality (MacAdam 3) characterise the second generation of TALEXXengine STARK QLE and LLE LED systems. Module efficiency is now as high as 135 lm/W.

Tridonic introduced those LED engines for general illumination successfully in the beginning of 2012. These square (QLE) and linear (LLE) versions can be used separately or in combination. They open up new options for luminaire designers and can be used as alternatives to T5, T8 and TCL fluorescent lamps. The square version is perfect for area luminaires and long-run luminaires, and the linear version is ideal for creating clear lines of light. All versions will fit a wide variety of lighting systems, from diffusers to louvre luminaires. Tridonic has optimised the modules continuously and offers from November on the second generation with clearly higher efficiency.

The LED module has an operating current of just 300 mA and is now capable of achieving a luminous flux that previously required 350 mA. Condition: change to identical control gear with reduced output current. This reduces the power consumption of the luminaire by 20%. If one continues to run the LED module with an operating current of 350 mA as before, luminous flux increases by 13%, while the luminaire's power consumption remains constant.

Further-on Tridonic offers added integrated emergency lighting functions with TALEXXengine STARK QLE and STARK LLE. The LED modules are either equipped with additional LEDs for emergency lighting or are dimmed in emergency lighting mode. Combined with a matching control gear there is a round off LED system available.

Simple wiring and mounting
Well-proved are special terminals and cable penetrations and returns. Thus the modules can be connected to one another and to the appropriate converters easily. Four to six modules can be operated in series with just one converter. The converters, either for luminaire installation or surface mounting, are specially matched to the LED modules. There are versions available with or without integrated interfaces (DSI signal, switchDIM or DALI) and with corridorFUNCTION.  

About Tridonic:
Tridonic, headquartered in Dornbirn/Austria, develops, manufactures and markets equipment for a wide range of light sources, lighting management systems, LED solutions and connectors. Through its active partnership, outstanding service competence and technical expertise Tridonic enables its customers to implement lighting solutions of superior functionality and economy.
In the 2011/12 fiscal year, 2,000 employees in 30 locations achieved sales of 408 million euros. More than 250 development engineers create intelligent lighting concepts based on sophisticated systems and products. More than 570 inventions and over 2,000 patents are ample evidence of the powers of innovation of Tridonic. Customers include luminaire manufacturers, manufacturers of products that incorporate lighting, architects, electrical system designers, lighting planners, electrical contractors and wholesalers.
The history of Tridonic stretches back more than 60 years and is a success story with many highs. Today, true to its slogan “enlightening your ideas”, Tridonic is synonymous with outstanding products and services related to the fascinating subject of light.
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