Products, Materials + Tools | Jan 31, 2013

Bicom Optics Announces Breakthrough Optics with 300° Light Emission Angle for LED Tubes

Bicom Optics is one of the first enterprises that engaged in optical study, lens design and product development of the LED lens. Recently, Bicom Optics has successfully developed T8 and T5 tubes.

The light angle of a traditional fluorescent tube is 360 degrees. Due to LED light properties, the light angle of general LED tubes is 120 degrees. In order to fully replace traditional lights, Bicom Optics continues to make breakthroughs in the LED tube light emitting angle.

We adopt the whole PC tube technology which can achieve a maximum of 300 degrees. This satisfies the customer’s requirements of a larger angle with better illumination distribution.

We implement integration cooling technology to reduce the cooling channels. This causes the LED chip to stay in a lower position and enlarges the LED luminous surface and the PC tube wall distance. The result is an increase in the angle of the light.

In addition, efficiency reaches up to 85% because the whole PC tube is made from high light transmitting diffusion PC material. This kind of material not only achieves a more uniform light effect, but it also increases the light angle.

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