Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 30, 2013

Khatod Announces Clean Rectangular Beam Lens

The newest Single Lenses from Khatod, able to perform a superior Clean Rectangular Beam, are high efficiency lenses designed for use with the most popular existing LEDs references of latest generation. Clean Rectangular Beam Lens

General Characteristics:
•    Single Lenses performing Rectangular Beam Angle for Common LEDs
•    Beam Angle for Common LEDs
•    Invariant performance for a wide range of LEDs
•    Lens material: Optical Grade PMMA   

•    Beam size at 1 m ~ A4 paper sheet (~ 300×200 mm², 12×8 inch²)
•    Excellent Uniformity > 85%
•    Clean Spot
•    Efficiency > 89%
•    Perfect uniform flux
•    Easy fixing onto the PCB: 3 Pins provided for precise and robust mounting
•    Currently available in 35.0mm diameter.
•    On request, also Ø 50.0mm and Ø 46.8mm are available   

Typical Applications:
•    Museum lighting
•    Desk lamps
•    Entertainment lighting
•    Architectural lighting
•    Stage lighting
•    Decorative lighting
•    Shop windows, halls & entrances
•    Inspection lines
•    Flashlights

Most of lenses for LED applications in current use perform output beams with circular or elliptical profiles. The light distribution as well as the intensity they produce is mostly suitable for many applications in which a small spot is focused by the light beam.
However, a uniform intensity distribution focused to a wider and not circular pattern, often referred to as a “flat-top”, is increasingly required in many different uses often considered unusual so far.

As an example, the inspection lines of the materials processing departments require a wide rectangular spot of light that has a perfect and uniform light intensity distribution. This will ensure that the entire illuminated area is perfectly processed  and controlled.    

The rectangular spot is used essentially for illumination and not for focusing a single individual point. For this reason, it is essential that the illumination is uniform, and any point in the rectangular light pattern needs to have the same features of brightness, regardless of where it is located in the illuminated field.

Thanks to Khatod’s most advanced optical technology, this new series of optics is able to produce a perfect rectangular beam. The toroidal lenslet array creates a rippled surface able to reshape the light into a beam whose size is the one of an A4 paper sheet (~ 300×200 mm², 12×8 inch²) at 1 m distance. The distribution in the light pattern is totally uniform.   

These characteristics cover a wide range of applications that can be generally classed as “illumination”. They may range from the use for lighting in a museum to desk lamps or inspection lines as explained above. Khatod Rectangular Beam Lens is currently available in 35.0mm diameter.
On request, this lens is also available in different diameters, i.e. Ø 50.0mm and Ø 46.8m. The optical characteristics will remain the same.
The mounting onto the LED is easy and immediate: 3 pins on the lens bottom allow a precise and robust mounting.

For your convenience a Product Briefs is available. For samples or additional information, please visit or contact us at

About Khatod:
Khatod lenses have made the mark in the LED Industry for over 25 years. Unique on the international scene, Khatod holds all of its operations 100% in house (Milano, Italy), from initial design to time to market: Optical Systems, optics for SSL, HB, COB LEDs applications, custom optics, components.