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Products, Materials + Tools | Jan 25, 2012

Gamma Scientific Introduces New Spectrometer for Quick and Easy LED Testing

Gamma Scientific, a pioneer in light measurement instrumentation since 1961, has developed a low-cost spectrometer to provide quick and accurate testing for LEDs. The RadOMA Lite is a high-performance, linear CCD array spectrometer designed to test LED intensity and total flux. Gamma Scientific will be showcasing the RadOMA Lite and their complete line of LED test and measurement solutions in booths 501 and 600 at the Strategies in Light conference in Santa Clara, CA from February 7-9, 2012.

With near real-time speed and NIST-traceable measurement, the RadOMA Lite is optimized to provide maximum performance without sacrificing accuracy. The spectrometer accepts an SMA905 fiber-optic input that can be connected to a wide variety of optics, including integrating spheres for total flux measurements or CIE127 Conditions A and B for intensity measurements.  Flexible custom configurations and application support are also available for OEM applications.

The RadOMA Lite features an 800 kHz readout speed and slit options that can achieve resolutions between 0.5nm and 3.0nm.  The custom RadOMA-Lite Windows software package for LEDs includes a simple, intuitive interface with automated report generation and a USB 2.0 interface.

Proven Technology and Performance:
Gamma Scientific’s RadOMA series platform is a durable opto-electrical design proven in hundreds of facilities worldwide.  RadOMA spectroradiometers combine the leading-edge sensitivity of a backside-thinned CCD detector with Gamma Scientific’s industry renowned OMA optical multi-channel analyzer platform for unmatched speed and performance.  This platform is ideal for multiple applications, including LED color and luminance testing, flat panel display measurement, reflectance, transmittance and light source measurement.

Detector and Wavelength Specifications:

  • Detector: CCD Linear Array – 2048 pixels – 14μm x 200μm sensing pixel size – 1800 V/(l*s) @660nm sensitivity
  • Dimensions: 6.3” L x 4.1” W x 2.1” H (160mm L x 103mm W x 54mm H)
  • Weight: 0.7 lbs. (0.3 kg)
  • Spectral Range: 380-780 nm
  • Spectral Resolution: 0.25 – 0.35nm dependent on slit width and fiber diameter
  • Gratings: 600G/mm
  • Input: Fiber- SMA 905 ,1000µm core Ø fiber – Numerical Aperture = 0.2 – Slit:  50,100,150,350,600µm
  • Dynamic Range: 16 bit or 65536:1
  • Power Input: 5VDC, 140 mA (Power Consumption Rate: 0.6 – 0.7W)
  • Temperature Range: 15°C to 40°C

For more information take a look at our RadOMA Lite LED Spectrometer page, download the data sheet or contact Gamma Scientific.

About Gamma Scientific:
With a commitment to personalized service for over 50 years, Gamma Scientific has helped leading manufacturers, universities and government institutions achieve precision light measurements. LED testing solutions include laboratory-grade, turn-key LED test systems, high-speed LED sorters, spectroradiometers, integrating spheres, photometers and colorimeters. Gamma Scientific also operates a NVLAP accredited laboratory for LM-79 testing (NVLAP Lab Code 200823-0).
Dedicated to accuracy, versatility, and ease of operation, Gamma Scientific is a technology pioneer, setting pace with such innovations as computer-controlled light measurement systems, radiometers without controls and tri-color photomultiplier/detector assemblies.
From the beginning, modularity has been the cornerstone of the Gamma Scientific product line. This way, instruments can be purchased for one specific application and then expanded as future needs require. Manual systems can even be transformed into computer-controlled systems with the addition of a few components. This modularity allows the user to select the optimum geometric configuration to suit a specific task without compromising accuracy.
Gamma Scientific also uses its extensive light measurement expertise to manufacture custom light measurement equipment for unique customer applications such as production control, government testing and avionics. In addition, Gamma Scientific offers optical radiation calibration and measurements services to match NIST supported calibration standards—further strengthening Gamma’s preeminent position in producing and maintaining the most accurate light measurement equipment available today.