Products, Materials + Tools | Sep 23, 2016

SphereOptics Introduces New High Accuracy - Easy to Use Benchtop Goniometer

SphereOptics' new small benchtop goniometer has the capability not to only fit into almost every optical laboratory, but also to provide measurement data on concise level. The type C set up of this instrument enables the developer of single LEDs, LED modules or chips to study angular performance in many development stages; fast and most important: reliable.

Measurement capabilities:
•    Luminous intensity distribution with IES data generation
•    Peak intensity, beam angle
•    Cone Illuminance
•    Color data such as x,y & CCT
•    Color Rendering Index CRI
•    Spectral power distribution
•    Total luminous flux (lm)
•    Source specific information such as power consumption and power factor

The detector head of the goniometer is a high-quality, visible-range spectrometer, equipped with diffuser optics to collect all important measurement quantities over the customer required angular range. Data such as luminous intensity distribution, peak intensity, cone illuminance, beam angle, color data (x, y / CCT / CRI), spectral power distribution or total luminous flux (lm) is provided in a customizable report.

In addition to the source output data, ambient temperature during the measurement (IES LM recommendation 79/82) is reported as well as source specific data such as power, power factor, Lumen/Watt or the orientation of the source during measurement, burn in and stabilization time.

With a maximum allowable source sample size of 300 mm x 100 mm and 25 kg, the new benchtop goniometer covers a wide range of LED measurement requirements. The footprint of the instrument itself with 1.65 m x 0.60 m x 1.73 m allows the usage also in small dark rooms and optical laboratories.

About SphereOptics:

Founded in 2003, SphereOptics is a highly technically focused company serving the following areas of photonics:
•    Manufacturing, refinement and calibration of optical materials and standards for diffuse transmission and reflection
•    Distribution of test & measurement instruments for measuring the color and brightness of light sources and displays (e.g. Goniophotometer, Integration sphere systems and Imaging colorimeters)
•    Distribution of portable field spectroradiometers, industrial Infrared cameras,  hyperspectral cameras for remote sensing applications and handheld FTIR sensors for the spectral range 2 µm to 15 µm
•    Test & measurement service for lighting technology

Since the formation in 2003, SphereOptics' goal has been to be much more than just a supplier of advanced equipment. SphereOptics' mission is to serve better. The technical experts are always standing-by when it comes to discussing standard or customer specific solutions in the areas of lighting technology, optical measurement service and remote sensing. In addition SphereOptics offers Photonic workshops and seminars. SphereOptics is ISO 9001 certified. All calibrations of reflection and transmission standards are traceable to PTB and NIST.


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