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A Cool Solution - Techsil’s New Heat Transfer Tapes for Thermal Management in Electronic Systems

Heat is often the enemy of performance in today’s intricate electronic systems, Techsil’s new thermally conductive, pressure sensitive adhesive tapes provide a cooling solution by efficiently transmitting heat away from sensitive components. These double-sided tapes are designed for bonding heat sinks on PCBs, LED strips and IC packages, mounting of ICs, GPUs, heat pipes and for heat sink assembly.

Why Tape is a great Thermal Interface Material (TIM) to use
•    Clean: No mixing, dispensing or cleaning
•    Fast: The strip and stick solution will increase output and minimize waste, it is easy to apply. As tape is a completely dry system there is no waiting around for it to cure, saving time
•    Safe: Your Health & Safety department will be thrilled; there is no risk of spill, no mess and no hazardous nasties within the product composition to deal with
•    Reliable: The length, width and thickness will result in a controlled thermal path
•    Cost Effective: Can replace mechanical fixtures
•    These gap filling foam tapes also come with the added benefit of providing vibration insulation and restricting any unwanted movement or slippage

Techsil are excited to introduce two new thermally conductive tapes (Stokvis 202331 and 202332) which not only allow heat to transfer easily and dissipate quickly but also provide a trustworthy bond. They consist of an acrylic adhesive which contains thermally conductive ceramic particles which transmit heat away from sensitive components.

Providing excellent thermal coupling between components and heat sinks - their foam-like, compliant interface means that they fill any air gaps thereby reducing the thermal resistance at the interface and can accommodate materials of different coefficients of thermal expansion. These double-sided tapes can be used in place of mechanical fasteners and are designed for bonding heat sinks on PCBs, LED strips and IC packages, mounting of ICs, GPUs, heat pipes and heat sink assembly.

Along with high thermal conductivity, Stokvis 202331 and 202332 also offer good heat resistance, age resistance and weatherability. These white, flame retardant acrylic foam tapes are halogen free and perform at intermittent temperatures of up to 150°C, with a continuous service temperature range of -40°C and +105°C - which means that electronic components can perform at the upper limits of their operating range for longer periods of time.

Here’s the Technical bit:
The thermal conductivity offered by Stokvis 202331 is 2 W/mK, with a breakdown voltage of 35 kV/mm. It offers adhesion on stainless steel of 25 N/25mm and a static shear (@ 23°C) of 1kg/625mm2. This grade comes in a 0.5mm thickness as standard, however if you’re looking for a thicker alternative try Stokvis 202332 which is 0.8mm thick. 202332 still offers a high thermal conductivity of 1.2 W/mK, with a higher adhesion to steel of 30N/25mm.

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About Techsil:

UK based Techsil is a global supplier of industrial RTV silicones, adhesives, sealants, encapsulants, conformal coatings, tapes, casting and mould making materials to a wide range of manufacturing industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Electronics, Railway, Lighting and Rapid Prototyping. Visit for more information.


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