Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 08, 2012

Applied Nanotech's New CarbAl™ Promises Cost-Effective High Quality Thermal Management Solutions

With the electronics industries under constant pressure to keep temperatures under control, Applied Nanotech, a global nanotechnology leader, has unveiled an improved passive thermal management material called CarbAl™.

CarbAl™ is a carbon-based material with a unique combination of low density, high thermal diffusivity, and low coefficient of thermal expansion. CarbAl’s unique attributes allow it to far exceed the capabilities of conventional thermal management materials, like copper and aluminum.

“Major electronic companies are looking for ways to eliminate heat while also reducing weight and cost,” said David Jiang, Ph.D., Director of the Thermal Management Division at Applied Nanotech. “CarbAl™ sets a new standard for removing heat and eliminating hotspots quickly and affordably. It is lighter than aluminum, less expensive than copper, and is approximately three times better at diffusing heat.”

CarbAl™ is lighter weight and has increased thermal performance compared to competing materials. CarbAl™ has a density of 1.75 g/cm3 compared to 2.7 g/cm3 for aluminum and 8.9 g/cm3 for copper. While copper has a slightly higher thermal conductivity than CarbAl™, 390 W/mK compared to 350 W/mK, CarbAl’s thermal diffusivity is approximately 2.9 cm2/sec compared to 0.84 cm2/sec for aluminum and 1.12 cm2/sec for copper. Additionally, CarbAl™ has a superior CTE and is cost competitive.

R&D Magazine recognized CarbAl™ as one of the 100 most significant product innovations. Applied Nanotech has made improvements to its award-winning thermal management material by incorporating functional surface coatings such as metal plating and dielectric layers. CarbAl™ can be electroplated with nickel boron, gold, nickel, and copper. In addition, soldered copper or aluminum plates can be added for increased strength and stability. The ultimate example of CarbAl™ contains a dielectric layer and full circuit trace functionality as a PCB replacement with integrated thermal management. These enhancements have been made without compromising CarbAl’s cost and weight advantage over its competitors.

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About Applied Nanotech:
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