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ATS Heat Sinks Cool DRAGONstick(R) LED Lighting Strips

NORWOOD, Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS), a leading thermal management and mechanical packaging solutions provider, today has introduced three new heat sink solutions, the ATS-486, ATS-503 and ATS-504 for cooling OSRAM's DRAGONstick® LEDs and other linear LED lighting products.

These new heat sinks mitigate the intensity of heat generated by high output LEDs and ensure maintenance free ultra long service life.

The ATS-486, ATS-503 and ATS-504 are maxiFLOW(TM) heat sinks which feature a low profile, spread fin array that maximizes surface area for more effective convection (air) cooling, particularly when air flow is limited. The sinks are fabricated from extruded aluminum which enhances their heat transfer properties from base to fins, while minimizing their weight and cost.

Widely used in architectural lighting, OSRAM DRAGONstick® lights feature six or 12 LEDs mounted on a metal board, delivering 120-300 lumens for applications such as shelf lighting, refrigerators/freezers and display cases.

While under development, ATS engineers performed extensive theoretical and experimental testing on the OSRAM DRAGONstick® LED. During laboratory testing, the OSRAM DRAGONstick® reached a temperature of 64.9 degrees C above ambient, measured at the thermocouple mounting pad. With the addition of an ATS maxiFLOW(TM) heat sink, the temperature of the LED was reduced 53%, for a steady state operation of 30.4 degrees C above ambient.

"LED lighting products can only reach their full service life when there is an effective cooling system," said Mike Haskell, a thermal engineer with Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. "ATS' maxiFLOW heat sinks, when used in linear LED lighting applications, provide a dramatic reduction in temperature and, extend the life and value of the product."

ATS' maxiFLOW(TM) heat sinks for linear LED lighting are available un-anodized or black anodized and with thermal tape or without. Pricing begins at $10 per 1-foot lengths. More information on MaxiFLOW heat sinks for LED strips is available at,, or by calling 1-781-769-2800.

About Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc.
Advanced Thermal Solutions is a leading engineering and manufacturing company supplying complete thermal and mechanical packaging solutions from analysis and testing to final production. ATS provides a wide range of heat sinks and laboratory-quality thermal instrumentation, along with thermal design consulting services and training. For more information about Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc., please visit or call 781-769-2800.

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