Products, Materials & Tools | Sep 30, 2014

BQ Ceramics Launches Polar Light at LpS 2014 – Enabling High Power LED in Compact Spaces

BQ Ceramics today launches their Polar Light technology, which is the first ceramic coated MC-PCB with integrated heat sink and superior thermal conductivity, specifically developed for LED applications.

BQ Polar Light allows LEDs to be placed in direct contact with the ceramic coated aluminum PCB. The concept provides superior thermal conductivity, whereby the heat generated directly underneath the High Power LEDs is very effectively dissipated to the ambient, resulting in a junction temperature that is up to 30°C lower than on a traditional MC-PCB.

The BQ Polar Light reduces the number of components in the light engine. Fewer components means less material and fewer assembly steps. Combining these aspects, Polar Light enables applications that need more light emitted from compact spaces, offering design flexibility at lower cost.
The Polar Light technology also enables BQ Ceramics to be a very flexible partner for manufacturers of lighting applications to custom design, prototype and manufacture new products in small series and short time-to-market.

BQ Ceramics CEO Roderik Höppener comments: “We believe that LED technology is widening the spectrum of possibilities to design light and apply light for specific purposes. BQ Ceramics wants to be the partner of choice to enable the combination of brighter light from compact form factors with lower material consumption. To achieve this we combine our Polar Light superior thermal conductivity with our fast and flexible prototyping capabilities. We trust that, after our launch at LED Professional Symposium, people will understand that BQ Ceramics means: LED made Custom, Compact and Cool!!”

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About BQ Ceramics:
BQ Ceramics is your partner in custom design, prototyping and manufacturing of high power LED engines. Our Polar Light Heat Sinks offer superior heat conductivity with minimal form factor, enabling you to design for high brightness within compact spaces. BQ Ceramics’ 25 years expertise, flexibility and innovative technology shorten your time to market:LED made Custom, Compact and Cool!


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