Products, Materials + Tools | Apr 17, 2014

Cambridge Nanotherm® Products Receive UL® Recognition

Electronics thermal management innovator Cambridge Nanotherm® Ltd has announced that UL® has given recognised status to its Nanotherm® Laminated Copper (LC) products.

The recognition assures that the products have been found to be effective and safe after being subject to tests by UL International (UK) Ltd. The environmentally-friendly thermal management substrate solutions are enabling customers to add another high-performance material choice to their design tool box. The Nanotherm® LC material not only allows the customer to create a design based upon a conventional PCB, but also the ability to add the circuit to any 3D shape – creating a Circuit-on-Heat Sink solution.

Steven Curtis, Cambridge Nanotherm’s Chief Engineering Officer, commented, “This is fantastic news for ourselves and our customers. It gives them the confidence to use our materials in their designs knowing that they have met UL’s stringent electrical and flammability standards.”

Nanotherm® Technology:
Nanotherm® ceramic is grown on the surface of aluminium to create a dielectric layer directly onto the surface of an aluminium substrate. The nano-ceramic dielectric layer is between two and 10 times thinner than the competition and achieves an industry-leading thermal resistance of 0.014°Ccm²/W. The dielectric has a thermal conductivity of 7 W/mK which is 2-3 times more effective at heat dissipation than conventional MB PCB (metal back printed circuit board) dielectric materials.

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About Cambridge Nanotherm® Ltd:
Cambridge Nanotherm® Ltd, was established in 2010 to commercialise a proprietary nano-ceramic on aluminium substrate technology for the thermal management of electronic applications. It’s low thermal resistance combined with direct metallisation, gives it a superior thermal performance and can even be used as a substitute for aluminium nitride.
The company was the UK winner of the 2011 Clean Tech Open Competition, sponsored by Silicon Valley Bank, TSB and Carbon Trust. In 2013 the company was recognized with a prestigious Frost & Sullivan award for innovation in the thermal management of LEDs. The company was supported by TSB, EEDA New Anglia LEP and ERDF grants and was a member of the Carbon Trust Fast-track Entrepreneur Programme. Since 2011, Cambridge Nanotherm® Ltd has been financially backed by Enso Ventures.