Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 19, 2010

CeramCool LED Lamp Kit – Pre-optimized Modules for Customer-specific LED Lamps

The CeramCool LED Lamp Kit offers a flexible way to combine pre-optimized ce-ramic modules to create highly efficient, customer-specific LED retrofit lamps.

The combination possibilities include standard LEDs, freely definable design and work-ing elements, for individual types or complete product ranges – both large and small quantities. The kit’s standardized interface offers room for individual designs, shapes, colors or materials or for the CeramCool reflector. The latter captivates with its exquisite, indirect light along with pure ceramic quality.

The thermal advantage obtained, as a result of using the ceramic system, increases as demands on performance and design for lighting with LEDs grow. The kit already makes it possible to use a 10 watt LED safely and efficiently while adhering to exist-ing standards – a true alternative to a 60W light bulb. 

The Technology :
The CeramCool® basic patent is an effective combination of circuit board and ce-ramic heat-sink for the reliable cooling of thermally sensitive advanced components. Ceramics combine electrical insulation and thermal conductivity, thus obviating the need for numerous layers of varying expansion coefficients. This boosts the long-term stability and reliability of the system and eliminates early failures caused by delamination. Efficient thermal management measurably relieves the burden on the LED. Thus, for an optimized CeramCool geometry for 4W cooling, the total thermal resistance of the ceramic assembly is not only 13% better with CeramCool Rubalit (Al2O3), but also 31% better with Alunit (AlN) than with aluminum.