Products, Materials + Tools | Apr 22, 2014

Fischer Elektronik Announces Round Cellular Heat Sink KTE R

It is sufficiently well-known and not a question that LEDs have become the lighting medium of the future in many areas of daily life. Innovative cooling concepts to cool the LEDs are more requested and in demand than ever to be able to use the advantageous properties of the LED truly effectively and with a particularly long service life.

Fischer Elektronik supports this ongoing demand by expanding its extensive product range of LED heatsinks  with cellular heatsinks in a round model with individual design possibilities of the series KTE R.

To receive the LEDs,  they consist of a full aluminium core with continuous grooves in which aluminium pates are attached for heat abduction via a pressure/adhesive bond.

The core diameter to the LED receiver, the plate number, thickness and geometry can also be adapted to all conventional LED modules and sizes according to customised specifications. Due to the design flexibility, there is also the possibility to integrate complete LED systems including reflectors and the corresponding LED holders as well as fan motors for active cooling.

Different surfaces, mechanical processing as well as receptacle cores for heat spreading from copper can also be realized.

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