Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 10, 2012

Fischer Elektronik Announces the Product Range Expansion of LED Star Coolers

Fischer Elektronik has expanded its product range of LED star coolers, which are specially matched, both thermally and mechanically, to the LED light engines (Zhaga compliant).

So-called LED light engines are being used ever more frequently in different sectors of the lighting industry due to their output performance. A significant advantage of this design is its modular construction, which ensures good interchange ability of the individual LED chips over several generations. A mounting ring, made of plastic and used for accepting the additional LED components, is simply fastened by means of screws to a cooling body. Further elementary components, such as the LED board and the matching optics, can be screwed without tools into the mounting holder provided.

Fischer Elektronik’s newly developed LED star coolers have a massive internal diameter for accepting the LED light engines, while the LED modules can be directly integrated after the cooling body has been mechanically machined.

Thanks to their extensive range of machining equipment, Fischer Elektronik can offer customers the facility for machining the particular cooling body to their own specific requirements as well as for designing the surface.

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