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GlacialTech Announces New Igloo SR Series Heatsinks of 300 mm Diameter

GlacialTech, the diversified lighting and thermal solution provider, announces a new series heatsinks using stamping technology with a patented process suitable for high wattage LED bay light applications from 250 W to 500 W. The new Igloo SR series heatsink expands its models of 300 mm diameter: the multiple chips version (Igloo SR250-3M, Igloo SR300-3M, Igloo SR400HP-3M, Igloo SR500HP-3M) and the single CoB version (Igloo SR250HP-3S, Igloo SR300HP-3S, Igloo SR400HP-3S, Igloo SR500HP-3S).

•    Rated for 250 W to 500 W single CoB or MCPCB LEDs
•    Integral heat pipes for more effective heat dissipation and longer service life
•    Light-weight aluminum heatsinks are manufactured using the patent stamping process
•    Available as a semi-knock-down kit with power box, bracket, glass lens and waterproof rubber

The Igloo SR250-3M and Igloo SR300-3M of the multiple chips version without the heat pipe, the Igloo SR400HP-3M and Igloo SR500HP-3M with 2 heat pipes situated in the central of the heatsink help carrying heat from the bottom to up quickly. The single CoB version with 2 heat pipes situated in the central of the heatsink and 3 heat pipes at the bottom, making the heat dissipated evenly from the entire volume of the thermal module, and finally dissipates heat into the surrounding air.

The multiple chips version with the thermal resistance from 0.2411°C/W to 0.2861°C/W, and the thermal resistance from 0.2903°C/W to 0.3516°C/W of the single CoB version. These lightweight AL1050 aluminum heatsinks are manufactured using the patent stamping process that can provide high performance cooling at a very cost-effective price by maximizing surface area. This design enhances with integral heat pipes, achieves significantly better thermal efficiency than standard heatsinks.

The new heatsinks cut energy costs by keeping temperatures low to enhance LED efficiency, and in the long term, prolong LED and driver life by safely removing harmful thermal energy that gradually damages components.

In addition, GlacialTech also offers a bay light knock down kit that incorporates these new heatsinks. This set of easy-to-assemble bay light components includes a power box for housing the LED driver, a bracket, as well as glass lens and waterproof rubber. This semi-knock-down kit (SKD) allows lighting system integrators to easily assemble a custom lighting solution that makes best use of the LED modules and LED drivers of their choice.

Except the knock down kit, GlacialTech also offers the bridging accessory which can easily integrate the thermal modules with a number of LED drivers in the market.

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About GlacialTech:

GlacialTech Inc. is a diversified provider of thermal, power, optics and systems solutions, with many years of experience in thermal module design and manufacturing for internationally renowned brands including Acer, AdvanTech, Fujitsu Siemens Computers GmbH, Panasonic and Siemens AG. GlacialTech's product solutions attain an optimal balance of performance and value. For more information about GlacialTech thermal technology, please visit at


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