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Products, Materials + Tools | Oct 29, 2014

Industry Leading Celcion™ Material System Passes UL Safety Testing

Heraeus Precious Metals, a world leader in industrial precious specialty metals and technology, announced today that its Celcion™ material system – including a dielectric, conductor, and soldermask – has been certified and received recognition status by Underwriter Laboratories (UL®), a global, independent, and non-profit product safety testing and certification organization.

“UL®’s recognition gives customers the assurance that our Celcion™ material system meets the stringent safety and performance requirements of thermal circuit technology, said Mark Challingsworth, Technology Director, within Heraeus Precious Metals’ Electronics Materials Division - Business Unit Circuits & Components. “Passing the certification test and meeting UL’s industry standard for flammability testing is the ultimate seal of approval. Knowing that the system has passed UL’s stringent testing, our customers can feel confident using the Celcion™ system in their LED thermal substrate applications.”

As a result of the successful completion of testing by UL®, Heraeus Celcion™ has proven reliable, safe and as a highly effective alternative to traditional metal core printed circuit boards (MCPCBs) manufacturing. Heraeus Celcion™ passed some of the most rigorous tests in the industry to gain UL®’s recognitions, including:

•    Recognition of Materials for use in fabricating UL recognized printed wiring boards
•    Recognition for Solder Resist for physical, electrical, flammability, thermal, and other properties of the materials

Heraeus Celcion™ is a thick film material system that was designed to produce electronic circuits for LED lighting on aluminum (Al) substrates. Celcion™ is able to take the same fit, form and function as MCPCBs, but delivers an increased thermal conductivity and high-dielectric breakdown strength. This process incorporates a selective additive deposition that uses material only where it is needed, which results in less material consumption. By using a limited amount of material and removing interface materials, this reduces the thermal resistance and provides a more direct connection to the Al heat sink. Celcion™ circuits typically run 10°C or more cooler than MCPCBs, which allows designers an increase in lumen power output and – thereby – reduces the number of LEDs needed by up to 20 percent. This solution decreases production costs and enables customers to add another material choice for high-power applications to their design kit, without sacrificing performance.

The Celcion™ material system is ideal for use in high-power applications – including high-power LED substrates (>1W input) found in general illumination, signs, signals, and displays – with distinguished performance benefits in power electronics and heaters. With the UL®’s certification and recognition, the Heraeus Celcion™ material system has proven reliable and satisfies customer and industry standards.

About Heraeus Materials Technology Business Group:
The materials and technologies business group (Heraeus Materials Technology) provides high-tech industrial products from precious metals as like gold, silver, and platinum-group metals, as well as from high melting-point, non-precious refractory metals.
Based on a broad portfolio of technologies and deep added value, Materials Technology is a skilled partner for processing these precious metals and other innovative materials.
As a technology leader with decades of experience and locations around the world, this business group is a leading provider in many key markets.


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