Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 19, 2010

Insulated Metal Substrate - DENKA HITTPLATE

DENKA HITTPLATE is an insulated metal substrate with high thermal conductivity for processing metal circuit boards (PCB´s). It consists of fine quality epoxy-resin filled with inorganic filler with high thermal conductivity. It achieves low thermal resistance equivalent to or even less than Alumina ceramics substrate.

HITTPLATE consists of three layers:
1) Copper foil
2) Thermally conductive dielectric layer made of high heat resistant epoxy, glass-epoxy, polyimide and inorganic (ceramic) filler
3) Aluminum base

Suitable applications for HITTPLATE:
• Industrial Electronics (Transistor/ IGBT-modules, rectifiers, solid state relays, AC servo motors, stepping motor drivers, Power Supplies)
• Household appliances (TV, Plasma Display Panels, Audio Power amplifiers, Air conditioner inverters, Drive controllers)
• Automotive (Igniters, Voltage regulators, Controllers, Motor Drivers)
• Communication (DC/DC converters,
• Substrates for LED

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