Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 10, 2014

New Miniature LED Coolers Unveiling at TILS and Light+Building

While the market continues moving from custom made cooling systems to standard off-the-shelf products, MechaTronix releases 7 more passive LED coolers in small diameters focusing on luminaire cooling from 600 to 3.200 lumen. It’s not that custom cooler developments don’t have a future any more, but the market is moving so fast in development of new LED COB’s and modules that luminaires might be outdated before they find their way to the mass public. Therefore the modularity in mounting patters foreseen on the MechaTronix LED coolers offer a kind of flexibility in the choice of current and future light sources which can be matched on.

A second tendency is for sure the decrease in overall size of the luminaire, where of the cooling takes a big part for its account. Of course the continuous increase in light efficiency automatically makes that less cooling is needed for more light output. Where 2 years ago a recessed down light of 3000 lumen was hard to manage without the use of an active LED cooler, today we easily reach 4.500 lumen designs with passive cooling in acceptable dimensions. Since the needed light output in the applications doesn't go up, this means there is a growing demand for smaller diameter standard LED coolers.

As a result of that MechaTronix has developed 7 new models in star and pin fin LED cooling technology, ranging from diameter 47mm to diameter 70mm. MechaTronix will unveil this latest revelations in LED cooling on the Taiwan International Lighting show (TILS) and the Light+Building in Germany.

Not all details of this new LED cooler developments are made public already, but the R&D team at MechaTronix has promised a astonishing 1.500 lumen cooling performance in a diameter 47mm LED cooler.

About MechaTronix:
MechaTronix was founded as a creative designer & manufacturer of high end  mechanical plastic & metal parts. With its Asia-based headquarters in Kaohsiung Taiwan, MechaTronix became a powerhouse at designing and manufacturing heat sinks and thermal solutions for OEM and LED lighting applications. Strategic partnerships with major LED manufacturers and sharing our thermal knowledge with their luminaire designers are our core missions. Simple passive cooling, advanced heat pipe technology or active cooling solutions? MechaTronix offers of the shelf and tailored solutions to its worldwide professional customer base.
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