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Products, Materials + Tools | Dec 15, 2011

New SynJet® LED Cooling for Lumileds LUXEON S

Today, Nuventix announced the availability of a new LED cooling solution utilizing SynJet thermal management for the Philips Lumileds LUXEON S.

The solution is based on the SynJet Par20 Cooler 24W,  which combines the reliability, small size,  and near-silent acoustics inherent with SynJet technology with a new mounting pattern for an easy plug-and-play solution for cooling spotlights and tracklights. The Par20 Cooler cools the LUXEON S in an ultra compact 66 mm diameter solution.

The solution was developed for the Philips Lumileds LUXEON S LED, which delivers the “Punch” and “Sparkle” for illumination and quality of light.

With LUXEON S, Philips Lumileds introduces a new way of talking about Illumination Grade LEDs: Hot Testing and Binning (the process by which Lumileds tests, targets and specifies Illumination Grade LEDs) and Freedom From Binning (denoting that there are no color bin selections to be made). LUXEON S LEDs deliver tight, sharp beams, offering high center beam intensity, beam uniformity, and a crisp single shadow ideal for retail and hospitality applications like spot lamps.

The cooler is compatible with the TE Connectivity Solderless LED Socket for Philips Lumileds LUXEON S LED.

The TE Type LS socket, with an integral stainless steel spring, ensures uniform and adequate normal force is applied to the LED for optimum thermal performance.

About Nuventix:
Nuventix is the company that cools, providing the only answer to the growing problem of thermal management in electronics. From chips in LED lighting to embedded computing and beyond, the Nuventix SynJet offers a reliable, quiet and energy efficient cooling solution in a variety of sizes and form factors. Nuventix, with its innovative SynJet technology product line, has been solving thermal management problems for customers around the world since 2003. Visit