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Products, Materials + Tools | Apr 16, 2012

Nuventix Launches New SynJet Coolers for LED Thermal Management at Light+Building

From Light + Building 2012, Nuventix. Inc., developer of SynJet® thermal management solutions, today announced four new additions to the company’s award-winning line of SynJet coolers for LED lights: the Wall Wash Cooler 77W, Outdoor Cooler 70W and 77W and Spotlight Cooler 57W.

Each of these devices build upon the inherent strengths of Nuventix SynJet technology, allowing for brighter, reliable, longer-lasting LED lights and accelerating the growth and adoption of LED lighting throughout the world.

“Nuventix enjoyed record growth and performance in 2011, and we expect this momentum to continue throughout 2012 and beyond, aided by the introduction of new and innovative products including outdoor, high bay and wall wash coolers,” said Jim Balthazar, CEO and president of Nuventix. “SynJet technology is the only way to cool down LEDs reliably, efficiently, quietly and in the form factors designers want. With customers in over 50 countries, our technology is truly speeding up the adoption of LED lighting throughout the world.”

Wall Wash Cooler 77W:
The Nuventix Wall Wash Cooler 77W is the first ever SynJet with a rectangular form factor, designed specifically for wall wash luminaires, tracklights, and floodlights.  The Wall Wash Cooler 77W provides up to 77 watts of cooling while enabling up to 6000 lumens of light in a compact form factor. This SynJet cooler will be available for purchase in May 2012.

Outdoor Cooler 70W and 77W:
Designed to meet the demanding requirements of outdoor lighting, the Outdoor Cooler 70W and 77W SynJet solutions enable outdoor LED lighting up to 8,000 and 6,000 lumens, respectively. These solutions are modular and can be combined to achieve lumen outputs over 15,000 lumens. From extreme temperatures, to rain and humidity, to dust and salt fog, Nuventix’ outdoor coolers have been carefully designed to withstand most anything nature can throw at them. The Outdoor Cooler 70W and 77W will be available for purchase in May 2012.

Spotlight Cooler 57W :
The Spotlight Cooler 57W enables up to 3000 lumens for tracklights, downlights and recessed adjustable downlights. With a SynJet that sits on top of the LED heatsink, not in it, the unique design makes this the quietest SynJet thermal management solution ever developed. It is the ideal thermal management solution for LED lights in homes, museums, retail stores, offices and anywhere sound is a factor. The Spotlight Cooler 57W will be available for purchase in July 2012.

In addition to the above coolers, Nuventix will be demoing a prototype of the company’s new High Bay Cooler 150W SynJet thermal management solution. The 150W cooling solution will enable a 15,000lumen output in a form factor that is 33 percent smaller and 60 percent lighter than equivalent passive cooling solutions. The High Bay Cooler 150W, Nuventix’ first cooling solution for high bay lighting, is expected to be available in January 2013.

The new LED coolers wis on display at Light + Building from April 15 through 20 in Frankfurt, Germany in Hall 4.2, Stand K87.