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Nuventix Revolutionary Synthetic Jet Coolers Now Available for PAR-38 and MR-16 Bulbs

Nuventix unveiled two new LED cooling modules. These two products, utilizing Nuventix’ SynJet™ technology, provide high reliability, low audible noise and low power consumption cooling technology for two industry standard lighting configurations. Using the SynJet approach allows twice the light output compared to passive LED thermal management designs.

The MR-16 SynJet cooling module was developed by Nuventix for cooling 15W heat source in an LED lighting application. The cooler is designed to fit the form factor of an MR-16 bulb and provides 300,000 hours L10 life at 60C.

The PAR-38 is also a SynJet cooling module developed by Nuventix for active cooling of an LED PAR-38 light source. It can be integrated with a wide array of electronic and optical solutions in the PAR-38 form factor. The module cools 35-50 watts, provides 300,000 hours L10 life at 60C and meets PAR-38 form factor while providing near silent acoustics.

“Finally the LED Industry has a cooling technology that is perfectly suited for LED illumination,” said Jim Balthazar, president and CEO, Nuventix. “General lighting LED solutions today are limited by the amount of heat that can be cooled. SynJet technology will allow the LED industry to double its light output in general lighting today, without compromising power efficiency and reliability.”

How SynJet Technology Works:
The SynJet module creates turbulent, pulsated air-jets that can be directed precisely to locations where thermal management is needed for industrial spot or chip cooling requiring high reliability and flexible form-factor implementations.

The vortex-dominated SynJet flow enhances small-scale mixing near the heated surfaces to yield higher effective heat transfer at low-volume flow rates compared to conventional air movers. The SynJet flow is created using Nuventix’ patented actuator technology and proprietary fluidic packaging expertise.

The system wide heat removal takes advantage of the ejector effect inherent to high-momentum jet flows. As it operates, the SynJet module expels high momentum pulses of air. Each pulse of air entrains ambient air in its wake. The result is highly turbulent, high-heat transfer-coefficient air flows located directly where they are needed inside a product providing system and spot level cooling.

“Nuventix’ SynJet technology is set to offer several unique benefits, from directional and spot cooling, to lower power consumption and near silent operation,” said Susie Inouye, research director for market research firm Databeans. “As designers continue to push the limits of CE and LED products, thermal management becomes increasingly more important for the lighting, telecom and home entertainment product markets – innovations in this field are a must for growth in the industry as a whole.”

Key Benefits:
- Increased thermal efficiency: SynJet technology makes it possible to remove more heat with less air by using the air already present in the system to cool – no additional air must be plumbed in as with conventional jets. Synthetic jet systems are 50% more thermally efficient in removing heat from the source compared to laminar flow normally associated with active cooling air flow.
- High reliability cooling out paces even the most reliable fan: Conventional air movers, like fans and blowers, are the lowest reliable component in the system; this is not the case with SynJet modules, which provide 10x the reliability of fans.
- Low power consumption: SynJet modules can cool the same thermal load as a conventional fan with a fraction of the power needed.
- Low audible noise: With frictionless parts, SynJet modules may be designed for effectively silent operation.

How SynJet Helps the LED Industry:
The LED market, stand-alone lighting as well as for use in LCDs, is proliferating at the rate of 15- 20% per year and is expected to reach $7 billion in just three years. This growth will be attained through new uses of LEDs, many of which will require active cooling. SynJet modules are the only active cooling option for manufacturers of LEDs because their reliability matches – and exceeds – that of the LEDs themselves. SynJet modules also provide spot cooling and chip cooling in form factors which fit those of LEDs. Read more about Nuventix’ products for the LED industry in today’s press release titled “Nuventix Introduces Two New LED Cooling Modules for LED Thermal Management.”

About Nuventix:

Nuventix is revolutionizing active thermal management of consumer electronics, LED lighting, medical, telecommunications, automotive and other electronics with patented, highly adaptable, quiet and reliable cooling devices that efficiently – and directly – dissipate heat from any surface. The patented SynJet technology enables the most reliable and flexible air cooling solutions available today. The Austin, TX-based company is venture-backed and led by an experienced team of senior executives with a breadth of experience building and leading thermal and startup companies to success. More information can be found at .

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