Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 19, 2010

Second Generation SynJet with New Products have Lower Power Consumption and Improved Performance

Nuventix, Inc., innovator of SynJet® active thermal management solutions, will reveal next week to attendees at Light+Building 2010 the next generation of its groundbreaking active cooling technology.

The second generation module builds upon the inherent strengths of its patented predecessor, SynJet technology. The air-cooled, quiet and fanless SynJet products are the most reliable and flexible active cooling solution for a variety of products in the LED lighting, consumer electronics, telecommunications, and automotive spaces, among others. Nuventix’s superior thermal management products dissipate heat in today’s faster, more powerful, and more complex electronic products which push the limits of today's cooling technology.

The new SynJet provides the same 100K hours of reliability at the same size. Nuventix customers will realize as much as 75% power reduction in products utilizing SynJet, along with increased thermal performance and lower acoustics.

“Our second generation SynJet technology builds upon the established strengths of the original SynJet – high reliability, flexible form factor, and quiet, highly effective cooling, but with significant improvements in both thermal performance and even lower power consumption,” said Jim Balthazar, CEO, Nuventix. “This new design will enable even brighter, more compact LED luminaire designs with potential for total lower cost versus bulky passive heat sink approaches”.

Vrinda Bhandarkar, senior market research analyst with Strategies Unlimited had this to say: “Innovative thermal management solutions will expedite the design process, improve the reliability and performance of LED lighting products, and thus assist in accelerating the adoption of LED lighting. This rapidly growing market is moving into high lumen output applications. These high-wattage applications need thermal management strategies which can be addressed effectively by active cooling methods such as the one offered by SynJet technology from Nuventix.”.

A new product utilizing the advanced SynJet engine is the Nuventix Spot Light Cooler, also announced today from Light+Building. The new SynJet Spot Light Cooler is the perfect size for recessed downlight and track applications of 75mm in diameter, specifically window displays in retail, and commercial and general lighting schemes. The innovative design enables 2000+ lumens in small profile, offers silent operation, over 100K hours of lifetime cooling and the highest possible energy efficiency for a thermal cooling solution. The SynJet Spot Light Cooler provides the highest lumen output in the smallest form factor on the market at the lowest cost per lumen. The popular form factor addresses a large segment of the market, ideal for track, directional and downlight installations. The new luminaire thermal solution design offers flexibility for diverse applications while cooling 10-30 watts.

• The most flexible Spot Light Cooler (SLC) ever designed
  o Fits into 75mm diameter spot downlight applications
  o Enables the smallest possible spot track light designs
  o Retail and Commercial, General Lighting
• Cools from 9 to 35W
• Designed for all performance levels for all applications
• 100K Hours Lifetime
• Energy Efficient

How SynJet Technology Works:
The SynJet module creates turbulent air-jets that can be directed precisely to locations where thermal management is needed for industrial spot or chip cooling requiring high reliability and flexible form-factor implementations.

The SynJet flow enhances mixing near the heated surfaces to yield more effective heat transfer compared to conventional air movers. The SynJet flow is created using Nuventix’ patented actuator technology and proprietary packaging expertise.

The result is highly turbulent, high-heat transfer-coefficient air flows located directly where they are needed inside a product providing system and spot level cooling.

About Nuventix:
Nuventix is revolutionizing active thermal management of consumer electronics, LED lighting, medical, telecommunications, automotive and other electronics with patented, highly adaptable, quiet and reliable cooling devices that efficiently – and directly – dissipate heat from any surface. The patented SynJet electronics cooling technology enables the most reliable and flexible air cooling solutions available today. The Austin, TX-based company is venture-backed and led by an experienced team of senior executives with a breadth of experience building and leading thermal and startup companies to success. More information can be found at