Products, Materials + Tools | Nov 16, 2011

Shuoen Launches Graphite Heat Sink for MR16 LED Bulb

Shuoen, a professional graphite heat sink manufacturer in Taiwan, launches two graphite heat sinks for MR16 LED bulb with model no V304 and V402. These two new innovative LED graphite heat sinks adopted Shuoen’s patented technology of porous graphite manufacturing method. The heat sink using porous graphite provides good heat conductivity and large specific surface area to transmit and dissipate heat away from LED heat source very efficiently, and it is the best solution for high-power LED bulb.

The MR16 V304 graphite heat sink, equipped with 32 fins, is designed for high-power MR16 LED bulb with max power up to 6W.  The heat dissipation ability of this product is similar to those high-end cold-fin aluminum heat sinks in the market, but it is much more competitive.  The MR16 V402, a finless graphite heat sink with heat dissipation ability up to 5W, aimed to replace all current aluminum extrusion or die casting heat sink with better performance and similar price, and it is designed for mid- level MR16 products.

The mechanical requirement for graphite heat sink is different based on different optical and electronic design.  The V304 graphite heat sink is designed for 4 (or 3) high-power LED chips with max power up to 6W, and the V402 graphite heat sink is designed for 3 high-power LED chips with max power up to 5W. For other parts required for MR16 LED bulbs, Shuoen also provides mechanical parts including plastic ring and GU5.3 base.  The LENS used for MR16 LED bulb with 3 or 4 high-power LED chips can be easily found from the market.  The LED bulb manufacturers just need to design the LED driver and MCPCB based on the design guide provided by Shuoen, and the high-quality MR16 LED bulb can be launched in short design period.  In order to increase the selling points of LED bulb products, Shuoen provides graphite heat sink with different colors including silver, black, red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange and etc.

In addition to the current product line, Shuoen is also developing other graphite sinks for indoor LED lighting, including the heat sink for 7W MR16, A19 LED bulb, LED candle light, LED Par lamp, and etc. The graphite sink for 7W MR16 is designed for highest level MR16 with 500lm for replacement of current 50W MR16 halogen bulb, and the engineering sample can be provided to LED bulb manufacturers for testing from early of December 2012.

About Shuoen Tech. Co., Ltd:
Founded in 2010, Shouen is a professional manufacturer for graphite heat sink which is applied in LED lighting or Chipset. It has successfully developed patented porous graphite manufacturing process and heat sinks based on this process.  For more information, including latest products and company profile, visit or email:


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