Products, Materials & Tools | Mar 18, 2011

Techsil's Thixo Gel for Electronics

Techsil has launched the RTV3080 thixo gel designed for electronic applications such as engine-control units, power-steering modules and power semiconductors.

The thixo gel has five times the thermal conductivity of normal RTVs, a non-greasy consistency and the ability to 're-seal' itself after cure. Its main features include: 1:1 mix ratio and easier to pump than similar existing materials; 1.0w/m/k thermal conductivity; non-greasy consistency means there are no leakages at high or low temperatures; the gel is 'self-sealing' allowing probe testing, adjustment to components or disassembly and re-use of parts at end-of-life.
The RTV3080 is flowable but thixotropic meaning that the spread can be controlled, and it is soft enough not to stress components.
The thixo gel cures at room temperature with a four-hour gel time, but can be heat-accelerated if needed.
Techsil supplies RTV3080 thixo gel in 50ml, 215ml, 395ml cartridges or manual mix kits.
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