Products, Materials + Tools | Oct 24, 2011

American Opto Plus Introduces 300 lm/$ Cost-Effective, Mid & High-Power Series LEDs

American Opto Plus LED Corp., a USA based Supplier LED manufacturer has released a series of cost effective high power LED products. With physical size of 5.7x 3.0 x 1.0, the L936 series High Power LED range from 0.2 Watt up to 1 Watt and brightness range from 16 Lumens per device up to 120 Typical Lumens at 1 Watt.

Pricing starts at 250 to 300 Lumen per dollar for Half Watt device @ 1/2 Watt with 63 Lumens per device running $0.27/pc.

More competitive price at higher quantities offered. Contact American Opto Plus LED Corp. today for availability and pricing details.

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About American Opto Plus LED Corp:
American Opto Plus LED Corp. is a manufacturer of LED components, USA office was established in 1995 and factory in 1973 in Taipei, Taiwan.  The company is rapidly growing to becoming one of the leading supplier in the industry.  AOP produces a wide range of products including High Power LEDs, SMD LEDs, Lamps, and displays. Focus market consist of Automotive, Home Appliance, Signage, medical and lighting markets.