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Products, Materials + Tools | Feb 23, 2015

Flip Chip Opto Introduces 300 W, 600 W and 960 W CoB LEDs

Flip Chip Opto, a LED lighting technology company, announced its innovative P-Series of high-power LED Flip Chip / Chip-on-Board (COB) products. These high-performance lighting modules are comprised of patented 3-Pad LED flip chips with a Pillar Metal Core Printed Circuit Board (P-MCPCB) to substantially reduce module thermal resistance, and results in lower junction temperature, lower thermal decay and the feasibility of smaller light emitting surface (LES). Our innovation enables designers to enhance “Lumen-per-Dollar” performance by either driving the modules at higher currents for more light output, or shrinking the heatsinks and optics dimensions, or reducing LED chip counts.

The High Power P-Series COBs feature 45x45 mils 3-Pad LED flip chips and high flux density in small LES. The currently models, P110-12S8P (96 chips), P110-15S12P (180 chips) and P110-15S19P (285 chips) support “Boost” power at 300 W, 600 W and 960 W with LES of 45 mm, 60 mm and 85 mm, respectively. Their high "lumen-per-dollar" value and extremely low thermal resistance (0.01°C/W, 0.008°C/W and 0.007°C/W) make these COB solutions ideal to replace HID luminaires applied over stadium, sport complex, wharf, storage, airport, golf course, farmland and architectural display.

All three models are available for sample purchase. OEM quantities are subject to the delivery with standard lead times of 4 weeks. For more information about P-Series COBs and price, please visit Flip Chip Opto at or directly contact

About Flip Chip Opto:
Flip Chip Opto is a LED lighting technology company, with its Flip Chip Research Center located in Silicon Valley.  As an LED lighting pioneer, we are devoted to LED flip chip research and advanced lighting inventions with expertise in epitaxy, electro-optics, material science, bonding processes and packaging.  As a member of the Cofan group of companies, Flip Chip Opto benefits from thermal management, MCPCB development and electrical engineering from within the group.  
Owning numerous application patents surrounding the concept of 3-Pad LED Flip Chips and Pillar MCPCB, Flip Chip Opto develops standard and custom LED flip chip COBs supporting the industrial and commercial lighting markets with high "lumen-per-dollar" performance, lower LED junction temperature and minimal thermal decay.