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Honglitronic COB: High Luminous Efficacy 155 lm/W

Nowadays, the requirement of light quality is growing out of nothing, from low to high in the lighting market. No matter commercial lighting, or the access to home lighting, the demand of high-end lighting source is increasing. Therefore, we should focus more on the quality of light while improving the luminous efficacy and saving energy.

COB- Luminous efficacy index:

Honglitronic COB LED uses the blue chip with special design, collocating with various phosphors of high excitation efficiency, which has realized the dual indexes of high light quality and high luminous efficacy. The series of COB products varies from 12 to 100W, and the main light-emitting surfaces are φ11.2mm, φ17mm, φ24.5mm, 24.3*24.3mm. For the series with CRI: 80Ra minimum, CCT: 3000K, the luminous efficacy can reach 155lm/W (LM002@12W、LM003@24W、LM004@36W、LT005@100W).

COB-Full spectrum:

Honglitronic COB LED uses the blue chip with special waveband, collocating with phosphor of high efficiency, which achieves the perfect effect of ultra-high CRI. For the whole spectrum series, the luminous efficacy of mass production can reach up to 110lm/W.

COB – Color quality:

We focus on improving the light quality while pursuing the high luminous efficacy and high CRI. The uniform color output is realized by optimizing the design of circuit, especially after matching the lenses and guide beam with small angle, which improves the spot effect significantly, enhances luminaires’overall optical performance and perfectly shows the advantages of COB products in lighting design.

•    Luminous efficacy can reach 155lm/W(3000K, CRI≥80)
•    Long Life Span, 10000hrs LM-80 certified (80W LM004)
•    It can meet the energy star and DLC requirements
•    Excellent color, 3-step MacAdam ellipse
•    High luminous efficacy and high quality of light

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About Hongli Zhihui Group:

Hongli Zhihui Group Co.,Ltd. (SZ.300219) is a top rank LED manufacturer in China, found in 2004, mainly providing LED package and LED lighting application solutions. As a leading manufacturer of white light LED package, most of our SMD LEDs & COB LEDs have passed IESNA LM-80 testing, and SMD LEDs passed the UL certificate, AC COB passed the CE certificate. We have two LED package plants. The headquarter is in Guangzhou in the south of China and the other one is located in Nanchang. The Nanchang Plant, which covers 66,000 square meters with 1 billion RMB investment. Recently, our company announcement on Changing the Company Name from” Guangzhou Hongli Opto-Electronic Co., Ltd.” to “Hongli Zhihui Group Co.,Ltd.”, LED products trademarks: “Honglitronic”. Please refer to en.honglitronic.com for additional product and company information.