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Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 12, 2016

Lumileds Introduces Luxeon Stylist Series to Boost Sales and Increase Customer Loyalty

Lumileds, the global leader in light engine technology, today introduces the Luxeon Stylist Series, the industry’s first and only series of LEDs engineered to provide the perfect lighting environment to sell products in fashion retail stores, fresh food markets and restaurants. The Stylist Series is built on four proprietary technologies designed to entice customers and keep them coming back - CrispWhite Technology, CrispColor Technology™, FreshFocus Technology™ and AtmoSphere Technology™.

“We know that the right lighting has a profound impact on customer behavior, affecting the time spent in stores and net revenues. With the Stylist Series, lighting designers are now able to bring out the very best colors in the products and places it illuminates,” said Luis Aceña, Senior Manager, Stylist Series at Lumileds.

Perhaps nowhere is the depiction of color more critical than in fashion retail. Lumileds new CrispColor Technology highlights rich colors and delivers a stunning palette by achieving a higher color gamut. Luxeon LEDs with CrispColor Technology have color points below the black body line to target proposed ASSIST and ANSI requirements for Class A and TM30 specifications. CrispColor Technology can be used to achieve a more continuous spectrum, making it the perfect replacement for halogen and incandescent lighting. CrispWhite Technology, implemented in a number of retail venues over the last two years, activate fluorescent whitening agents in retail items, making white fabrics and paints appear vivid and bright white. “What CrispWhite did for white, CrispColor will do for color,” said Aceña.

In the fresh food market segment, Lumileds has invested in spectra development that presents food in its most appealing, freshest light. FreshFocus Technology under the Luxeon Stylist Series offers five different lighting approaches for produce, fish, marbled meat, red meat and bread & pastries. FreshFocus Technology displays food in its most natural and attractive way, which encourages customers to return again and again. “Customer loyalty in markets is largely built on the quality of the fresh food area. When food look fresh, customers are more likely to purchase more and they will be more likely to return,” said Aceña.

For Restaurants, bars and other gathering places, Lumileds new AtmoSphere Technology is designed to enhance the dining experience and help reinforce the restaurant’s image and brand. The Stylist Series can be used to create a warm ambiance that is comfortable and inviting.

The Luxeon Stylist Series will be available in a variety of product families from Lumileds, including CoB, Mid Power and Matrix Platform. For more information, visit 

About Lumileds:

Lumileds is the global leader in light engine technology. The company develops, manufactures and distributes groundbreaking LEDs and automotive lighting products that shatter the status quo and help customers gain and maintain a competitive edge. With a rich history of industry “firsts,” Lumileds is uniquely positioned to deliver lighting advancements well into the future by maintaining an unwavering focus on quality, innovation and reliability.
To learn more about our portfolio of light engines, visit 


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