Products, Materials + Tools | Nov 23, 2012

Seoul Semiconductor Now Offers MJT Series Chips in the Most Popular Mid Power Packages

A big advantage of the MJT series is that its 5630 and 3528 packages offer LED lighting manufacturers easier production with the standard (module) size and enable lighting fixtures to deliver world-class performance up to 100 lumens per watt.

MJT (Multi-Junction Technology):
MJT stands for Multi Junction Technology, and it can be driven higher Voltage than Conventional DC LEDs. While High Voltage LEDs in the market are designed with complicated circuit connecting many LED chips physically, MJT is using Multi Cells integrated chips to produce various Voltage types.

Unlike the conventional method that requires complicated circuitry to connect multiple LED chips, the MJT series is designed to operate at various voltage levels, which allow operation at high voltage levels using only one LED chip of which cells connected by multi-junction technology.  Using one LED chip, rather than multiple LED chips, reduces the failure rate and optimized chip design help to achieve 100lm/W light efficiency on lighting fixture level.

MJT series is gets  a lot of attention from lighting designers all over the world because the lighting fixture that uses the MJT series requires the least amount of circuitry to be highly compatible with conventional dimmers. This reduces the cost for the system (LED + driver) remarkable.

Seoul Semiconductor’s Mr. John Bae stated, “Since the high price of LED lighting is a major hindrance to extend LED market, LED lighting designers make an effort to develop higher performance and lower cost LED lightings for end users to reduce payback period. MJT series meets those demands by reducing the over all system costs. This trend is also followed by the global top lighting manufacturers”.

Seoul Semiconductor’s MJT mid power series runs at 19V, 22V and 32V and offers a wide range of color temperatures (2700K-6500K). In addition, they are optimized for general LED lightings such as A19, PAR and down light.

About Seoul Semiconductor:
According to the LED market reports issued by Strategies Unlimited in the U.S., Seoul Semiconductor is the world’s fifth largest LED supplier, holding more than 10,000 patents. In particular, it owns the world’s leading a wide range of LED technology and production capacity in areas, such “Acrich”, “nPola” and deep UV LEDs, the world’s first commercially-produced AC LED. At present, it provides high-quality LED products through 40 overseas branches including 4 local corporations and 5 Production Sites in EU, North America and China with 150 domestic agencies and distributors.


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