Products, Materials + Tools | May 05, 2008

DOMINANT White and Warm White LED SPNovaLED-1 Watt at 80lm and 50lm

dominant_spnova2_sm-jpg DOMINANT going offering higher brightness white and warm white LED in SPNovaLED-1 Watt product range. With an operating current of only 350mA, this new generation of single chip LED able to achieve 80lm/w in cool white and 50lm in warm white. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Apr 10, 2008

Light+Building: Avago Technologies Announces New LED Products for General Lighting

avago_moonstone_series-jpg Avago extends the 1-Watt (1W) high power Moonstone™ LED range by amber and red colors, adds a new series of thin plug-and-play high power cool white and warm white LED modules for use in architectural, backlighting, decorative, garden, and reading light applications, as well as its first 1-Watt cool white Moonstone™ power LED emitter for use in a variety of street lamps, portable, task, backlighting, and decorative lighting applications. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Apr 03, 2008

New Citizen White LED unveils at Light+Building

cit_cll230_sm-jpg Citzen announced improved high-efficiency and high-lumen LEDs for general lighting. For the whole series of LEDs new versions with a CRI up to 95 and high efficacy will be presented at the Citizen booth at Light+Building, Hall 4.2, J 31. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 13, 2008

LedEngin, Inc. Announces Rroduction Release of its 3, 5, 10 and 15-Watt Warm White High Power LEDs

led_engine_powerled_new_sm-gif LedEngin, Inc. announced the addition of Warm White products to its high power product portfolio. Production availability includes 3, 5, 10 and 15-Watt emitters. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Feb 28, 2008

Avago Technologies Expands Family of Super Half-Watt Surface-Mount LEDs to Provide Full Range of Colors

Avago Technologies announced the addition of four new colors to its series of super half-watt (0.5W) power PLCC-4 surface-mount (SMT) light emitting diodes (LEDs). The new additions to Avago’s ASMT-QxBE series include a brighter cool white, as well as warm white, blue and green colors. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Feb 26, 2008

Z-Power P7 Series - World’s Highest Brightness of 900 lm at 10-watt

ssc_p7_sm-jpg A single LED package of Z-Power P7 Series can replace a conventional incandescent bulb: The 10W P7 single LED package produces luminous flux of 900 lumens, much higher than the 60-watt general residential incandescent lamps, which only produce 660 lumens. The Z-Power P7 Series has an efficacy of 90 lumens per watt - eight times higher than incandescent lamps. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Feb 20, 2008

Everlight's New 1- and 3-Watt XcelLED™ High-Power LEDs Offer Design Flexibility in a Wide Range of Applications

ev_xcelled_sm-jpg Everlight Electronics Co. Ltd. (TSE: 2393) introduces 1- and 3-Watt high-power LEDs that deliver high luminosity, long operating life and system efficiency in a broad range of designs. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Feb 19, 2008

Golden DRAGON Plus for Brightness Plus - Brighter in All White Tones

os_golden_dragon_plus_ww_sm-jpg The integrated silicon lens on the Golden DRAGON Plus lets even more light out. The new generation of single-chip LEDs typically achieves a 15% increase in brightness compared with the standard Golden DRAGON. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Feb 18, 2008

Kingbright Launches Ultra-Bright 0.5W SMD LEDs

kingb_smd_led_sm-jpg Kingbright Corporation achieves another milestone in developing high quality, robust and reliable ultra-bright 0.5W SMD LEDs with high quality and robust reliability. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Feb 11, 2008

Fine Tuning for White - Narrow Tolerances, High CRI and Better Color Homogeneity

Precisely defined color coordinates ensure that different LEDs within one white group reliably emit the same homogenous white light OSRAM is now offering its warm white and neutral white high-power LEDs with even better quality of light. The lighting specialist is defining the color coordinates for different sorting grades (binning) within very narrow tolerances. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Feb 08, 2008

Sharp Expands LED Lighting Solutions for Application Developers

sharp_led_module_sm-jpg Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas (SMA) announced an expansion to its lighting component product line. New ambient light sensors and high luminosity white Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), along with updated LED module and LED driver products, provide a wider variety of Sharp solutions for the ever-expanding lighting industry. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Feb 07, 2008

White Color LED Module for Backlight of Signboard or Indirect Illumination

alpha1_shinning_eye_sm-jpg Alpha-One’s “SHINNING EYE” is a white color LED module developed particularly for the backlight of signboard and indirect illumination. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Feb 06, 2008

Seoul Semiconductor develops high efficient Acriche of 80lm/W

ssc_newacriche_80lm_med-jpg Seoul Semiconductor, one of the world’s leading manufacturers, announced today the development of a high efficient version of Acriche, the world’s first AC-driven semiconductor lighting source, which features brightness of 80lm/W. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Jan 14, 2008

Everlight Releases Brand New 5 Watt High Power LED Series

ev_ehp_b03_sm-jpg Everlight’s brand-new 5 Watt EHP-B03 Series emitters are the best products available on the market for applications which require both small size and brightness performance using a diamond insulation layer. Read more »

Products, Materials + Tools | Dec 14, 2007

Goldeneye Announces the EpiChip™ LED

Goldeneye has developed a freestanding “epi-only” LED that will power its high brightness light sources for general lighting and other applications in the future. Utilizing a novel and patent-pending fabrication process, the company has been able to simplify manufacturing while enhancing device performance. Read more »


Lumileds Maximizes Field Usable Lumens: New LUXEON HL2X LED

Lumileds Maximizes Field Usable Lumens: New LUXEON HL2X LED Lumileds introduces the LUXEON HL2X, the ideal choice for roadway lighting and sports lighting fixtures with the highest flux and efficiency in an industry standard package. "With 318+ lumens at 700 mA and 85°C, LUXEON HL2X delivers more 'field usable lumens' for optical engineers to work with. ... Read more »


Australian Associated Press Recently Wrote: Red Light Could Improve Over-40s' Eyesight

Australian Associated Press Recently Wrote: Red Light Could Improve Over-40s' Eyesight A small LED torch that emits deep red light could help improve declining eyesight, scientists have said: A study by University College London, involving a small sample size of 24 people, has shown that staring at long wavelength light for three minutes every day can "significantly improve vision" ... Read more »


Signify Invests to Broaden Its UV-C Lighting Portfolio for Professional Disinfection

Signify Invests to Broaden Its UV-C Lighting Portfolio for Professional Disinfection Signify, the world leader in lighting, is increasing its UV-C lighting production capacity and expanding its UV-C product portfolio. The company is leveraging more than 35 years of expertise in UV-C lighting to address the growing global need for the disinfection of air, surfaces and objects. Read more »