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BJB Introduces New SMD Terminal Block for LED Boards

SMD terminal blocks are easy to handle and provide a permanently secure connection to LED-board power supply for all kinds of light applications. Their flat design makes a significant contribution to good lighting quality and avoids the formation of undesired shadows. Moreover, the SMD series from BJB also fulfils specific technical requirements dictated by the respective luminaire design. Examples of this include rear-side wiring and the use of stranded conductors.

And to be able to fulfil even more customer preferences BJB, the world’s leading supplier of light and luminaire components, is extending its range of SMD terminal blocks with the SMD Nano, a particularly compact version featuring a disconnect function. This scaled down version of the SMD Mini is only 2.7 mm high. What is more, connected wires previously inserted through the particularly stable opening in the housing can easily be disconnected again. In addition to the SMD Nano, BJB also offers the SMD Mini-Flex, SMD Mini and the SMD push-through terminal block for rear-side wiring – four versions all told for connecting the power supply to LED boards. As always they are made from high-quality materials and are designed for automated processing. For this purpose, they are supplied in tape and reel packaging ready for SMT assembly.

All four versions of the SMD terminal blocks belong to the BJB OEM line, the modular system that includes fixing and connecting elements for luminaire modules and optics for the manufacture of professional LED application solutions. The main advantage of BJB SMD terminal blocks is their suitability for a universal range of applications. They can be utilized in practically all applications equipped with LED boards. Worthy of note is that both the “Minis” with an overall height of 4 mm and in particular the new SMD Nano with an overall height of just 2.7 mm are so flat that the formation of undesired shadows is reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, the push-through terminal for rear-side wiring exhibits no notable protruding parts. The wiring section of this terminal is located on the rear of the board, thus on the same side as the electronic control gear.

With SMD Nano it is now possible to disconnect the conductors

Each of the four connection terminals is available as one or two-pole versions. That means they offer a flexible solution to application requirements and can be mounted side-by-side without loss of poles. Generally speaking, they are suitable for solid conductors as well as conductors with tinned ends. In addition, the SMD Mini-Flex makes it possible to connect – and disconnect – stranded conductors through an insertion channel that opens wide with the aid of a contact opening tool. Conductor cross-sections from 0.2 to 0.75 mm2 are supported; the SMD Nano is designed for conductor cross-sections up to 0.5 mm2. With the SMD Mini and the SMD terminal blocks for rear-side wiring it is possible to disconnect conductors without the need for tools, simply by simultaneously turning and pulling the conductors. The SMD Nano disconnect function is activated by pressing the contact through an opening in the housing. In addition to manual wiring, all SMD terminal blocks offered by BJB are also suitable for automated wiring processes by design.

For additional information please visit www.bjb.com or http://www.bjb.com/index.php?pid=347686&lid=4 for more product information or contact us at info@bjb.com for samples.

About BJB:

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