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BJB SMD Terminal Blocks: The Best Connection for all Requirements

SMD-compatible PCB terminal blocks are increasingly being used for electrical power supply to LED boards. This is because they are easy to handle and provide a permanent, secure connection to the control gear. A decisive factor for light quality is a design which is as flat as possible, which will enable an even light distribution and will avoid unwelcome shadowing. However, there are also technical requirements dictated by the relevant luminaire design. Examples are rear-entry wiring or the use of fine-stranded conductors. In order to cover every conceivable variation, BJB, the global market leader for lighting and luminaire components, has developed a series of three different SMD terminal blocks: SMD Mini, SMD Mini-Flex and the SMD push-through terminal block for rear-entry wiring.

All three versions are designed by BJB as additions to the BJB OEM-Line, a modular system with fixing elements, connectors, lighting modules and optics for professional LED applications. The main advantage of the SMD terminal blocks is their universal range of uses. They can be fitted in practically all kinds of application in which PCBs are used. A feature of particular interest is that the two “Minis”, with an overall height of only 4 mm, are so flat that troublesome shadows are largely eliminated. The push-through terminal block for rear-entry wiring has no protruding parts at all. Its terminals are on the rear side of the PCB and are therefore on the same level as the driver.

Wires can be inserted and released again:

Each of the three terminal blocks can be supplied as a 1- or 2-pole version. As a result, they are flexible to use and can be placed in sequence without loss of poles. In general, they are suitable for both solid conductors and tinned wire ends. With the SMD Mini-Flex, it is also possible to connect - and release - fine-stranded conductors through an insertion channel which can be opened wide with the aid of a contact opening device. Conductor cross-sections of 0.2 to 0.75 mm2 are supported. In the cases of the SMD Mini and the SMD PCB terminal block for rear-entry wiring, conductors which have already been inserted can be released again without tools by simultaneously twisting and pulling. In addition to manual wiring, all SMD PCB terminal blocks from BJB are also suitable for automated processing. For this purpose, they are supplied in tape and reel packaging.

For additional information please visit BJB's Terminal Block website or for general information www.bjb.com

About BJB:

BJB is a world renowned German manufacturer and lighting technology solution provider offering a comprehensive range of products & services: LED modules, COB holders, optical components, PCB fixing elements, SMD connectors, testing and automation solutions. BJB has been a leader in the lighting industry since 1867 and now pioneers innovative solutions for solid-state lighting technology.