Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 26, 2010

GK Technik offers new aluminum-stars -MCPCB- for Rebel LEDs

Fa. GK Technik, from Augsburg, Germany, anounces the availability of six types of aluminum-stars for the REBEL-LEDs.

They are available as the well-known 20mm-stars, for a single LED, for three LEDs in-a-row (called the triple-star), and for three LEDs with singled anodes and kathodes, for RGB-applications.

"The REBEL-LEDs are very impressive, and their small size makes the smallest and sophisticated led illumination possible", states Mr. Jurgen Kruger, co-founder of Fa. GK Technik. "We believe in the success of the REBEL-LEDs, nd designed six types of aluminum-stars for them. Especially we want to offer smaller solutions than which were available in the past. For this goal, we designed the 15mm-stars."

All six types of aluminum-stars for the REBEL-LEDs are available from stock. They are made from the best materials and are highly reliable.

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